Monday, August 31, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 94 - August 31, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

hey I’m on a little early today cause we are going to the pyramids so i don’t know if i will be on later but it was a good week. just trying to keep working and working. Sonia was able to get confirmed this week so that was awesome and then this coming Saturday we are gonna have 2 baptisms and then the next week is the re-dedication of the temple in Mexico city so that should be super cool, an interesting way to end the mission. we don’t have normal Sunday services that week just the re-dedication. Can’t believe how fast time has gone by and that there are only 2 more weeks and then i will be home hopefully to help out a little.

M: So there was a picture on the mission blog, was that Sonia and her family?

Wow, a re-dedication, that really is super cool.  Do you guys get to go to the temple or do you just watch it from the stake centers?


EP: ya that was Sonia and her family. her mom and older sister. no we are gonna watch it in the stake center. but its the same stake as huicholes so i am excited for that too. hopefully i will see a bunch of members from there. 

M: Is Xico part of Huicholes? That will be pretty cool to be able to see some of those members before you come home. How exciting and then the dedication of the temple is a really neat experience. A very nice way to end the mission.

EP: no xico is super far from everything haha. huicholes is where i was before pachua. like in January to April.

M: Tell me about the two that you are baptizing this week.

EP: ok one is Graciela. her daughter just got baptized like a month or 2 ago and she’s super cool. she didn’t want anything to do with the church but she went to the baptism and the confirmation of her daughter and granddaughter and since then has loved it. she has gotten her answers that the church is true and to be baptized. she said one night she couldn’t sleep and so she went to her living room and turned on the tv and there was a program on about the church and she was like wow and that was her answer. then she said her husband was telling her a bunch of stuff about the church and why we don’t talk about the virgin Mary and blah blah blah and she said here take this. she opened the book of Mormon and told him to read and it was open to the page where Nephi has a vision and sees the virgin Mary. when she told us that story i was like wo that’s insane haha. but she’s cool and super ready. the other one is Emeliano. He’s 9 and his parents are members. He’s super cool and a little shy but a good kid. He’s gonna get baptized so he can go to the temple rededication with his family. pretty excited for this week and those baptisms. but i gotta go i will be on later hopefully. love you guys 

Elder Park
From the mission blog

Hermana Egbert posts:
In the last few weeks we as a mission experienced a few challenges... but through the Lords help, and the faith and courage of the missionaries, all will be well!

- Elder De Leon lost his dad to liver failure (Didn't return home- relied on his faith)

- Elder Ellibee lost his dad this last Thursday (Knows his family needs the blessings of his continued service in the mission)
- Elder Park's family home in Hawaii burned to the ground and his little brother could not get his elderly grandparents out of the home in time and they perished. (He finishes his mission in three weeks and is giving all his efforts in this work to bless his family at home through this difficult challenge and tragedy)
- Elder Harolds returned home for surgery on a wound that would not heal 
- Three Elders sent home for transgression/disobedience

Two things I continue to learn while here-  #1 is that Heavenly Father is in charge and though difficult things happen we are never alone, and #2 that Satan never rests! These missionaries can never think they are safe, that they have arrived; because Satan is cunning, deceitful and persuasive!

Tecamac I Zone Fitness/Health Activity Day: Looking a little Tired!!!


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