Monday, August 3, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 90 - August 3, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

it was a good week for us. we had a baptism this Wednesday. Paola finally got baptized and that was awesome. this Friday an 8 year old girl got baptized so it doesn’t technically count for us as a baptism but we got to help her a lot. we activated her mom and her dad isn’t a member. she is awesome. her brother is the one with autism so we got to know that family really well. the junk part was that we couldn’t be in the baptism cause we were in the sacrament hall with Lalo, her brother. but it was okay because that way her dad could be in the baptism. I’m doing good. i have changes tomorrow so i will be finishing in another area. its kinda cool because if the rumors are true i am gonna go and finish the training of a new missionary. apparently when president was having the changes meetings with the assistants they were talking about that area. the ex-assistant went there and started training a missionary but he finishes tomorrow. so president and the assistants were talking and they want to send a leader who can finish the training of the missionary and help the ward out cause the ward has been having some problems and apparently they chose me. haha not many other options i guess hahaha. but we will see. i am excited to finish as a normal missionary without an assignment. just focus totally on my area and the work and my companion. we will see what happens and how everything goes. 

D: I am so proud of you.  It’s exciting that you got two baptisms this past week.
Sounds like the last two areas, in your new area you are not only helping the new missionary but also re-energize the ward.

EP: ya i am definitely excited for the last 6 weeks. get things going and just go to work till the end.

D: Yes work until the end.  That has been a message we have all received in different ways.
 A former Bishop knew he was being released, but kept quiet and kept serving, not even his wife knew he was being released

EP: well this week was cool cause we had 6 people in church again and the family of 5 came. it was super cool cause the dad came and then that night we had another lesson with them in a members house. the whole family changed totally. we were there for a while and the whole spirit changed when that family could get to know other people from the ward and just feel welcome. it wasn’t a super complicated or crazy lesson but to have the support of members is amazing. the family left that house super happy and just more together. the parents started walking home holding hands and the three kids just were jumping and yelling and playing and it was awesome. Like you said in your letter everything comes down to family and happiness and it was just really obvious in that moment. the gospel brings us happiness in our families and its amazing. thank you guys for everything love you guys so much. I’m gonna go soon but i will talk to you guys in a week. love you guys. have a great week.

Elder Park


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