Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 58 - December 22, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

He is the gift is really cool. We have been contacting with the cards and sharing the message with everyone. President told us something when we started December. He said this is a great opportunity to be able to talk to people but the message has to change you first. You need to accept the gift and understand it before you can share it. I think i maybe for the first time in my mission understand it. We have been talking to so many people i have kind of overcome my fear of talking to strangers and its really cool to talk to everyone. This week we had 12 new investigators from just talking to people in the streets or on buses.  but its also super weird to find a bunch of people who don’t believe in Christmas and all that and its just sad

M: Is that common in Mexico, to find people who don't celebrate the season?  I would guess they don't believe in a God? 

: no it’s just weird they’re like nah but he didn’t get born on this day or a bunch of stuff it’s weird.

M: well, technically he was not born on this day so they are right, but you will always have those.  I think that's why it's hard to get into the Christmas spirit sometimes, the real reason is hardly recognized and then when you get down to details it's just a day and time that someone chose.  I am sure there was a reason for this date, maybe that's when the Wiseman came, but it will be amazing to know all things one day.

EP: haha the reason for the date is cause it was a pagan holiday that celebrated the birth of the sun god and when the romans took over they used the same dates and made them Christian haha.

Um i think the best thing about the week was the Christmas devotional. The theme was cool. President talked about the rich young man who went to Jesus and asked him what he needed to do to enter the kingdom of God. He said keep the commandments. The Joven said i do all that and then he asked the million dollar question. What lack i yet? He had kept the commandments and lived a good life but he asked what more do i need to do. We then focused on what we need to do in our lives. There is always a little more we can do every day. 

M: How do you know all of that? 

President is right, there is always more that we can do.  When we relax and rest on the things we have done, we become stagnant and lazy and complacent.  When we are constantly learning and growing and trying to be better, we find things that need to be addressed, or ways that we can help others.  This morning I read an article in the ensign, the last page and it was from an apostle from the past and he talked about meeting the Savior in a dream and how he will never forget the smile that was on the Savior's face and the joy and happiness he felt when the Lord embraced him.  The apostle said that he never looked at the Savior on the cross the same again, he would always see the smile on the Savior's face and remember how he felt.  He also said that he would give up everything to be in that place again, to embrace the Savior of the world and feel of His love.  We need to do all we can to be in that place when it is our time.  We can only do that by looking at what we need to do to be better, every day.

EP: an investigator told us. He asked why we celebrate Christmas and told us the whole history and blah blah blah but we just told him we know it’s not this day but we celebrate his birth not necessarily on this exact date.

ya i read that too in a liahona. It’s a cool story there’s a similar one in our search for happiness. 

M: Are you good son?

EP: Thank you yeah it’s a little harder at Christmas but I’m happy and it’s awesome. I love you guys, see you Thursday

Elder Park

Monday, December 15, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 57 - December 14, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

this week was good. the primary presentation was good and the best part was we had the loads of investigators come. we had 11 investigators there with us. it was really cool.

M: That's awesome son! Did Desiree's parents come to see her?  How did Edu do?

: ya Desiree’s parents came and Edu’s parents. They both did good, sang the songs and read the scriptures.

M: Wow. that's great.  I am happy for the kids.  I told you, somehow it all works out. 

EP: yes it was really good. Edu went in his suit and everything it was super cool. i just hope the investigators keep coming back. its bad i was talking to my companion and was like in every other area i was worried more that the investigators will never get to the chapel but here i am nervous and worried when they are in the chapel that some one or something is gonna happen haha. but i just need to have more faith. in general i think the investigators had a good time. i hope so. 

M: I am glad that everything went well.  I am afraid that you might have gotten that from me.  I worry about everything ten times more than I should.  But, you did your part and got them to the chapel.  I am glad that there was no incident.  It was a perfect meeting to have the investigators come, children bring a wonderful spirit and happiness that is hard to deny.   I'm sure that they felt a wonderful spirit and yes, faith is important.  We need to trust that Heavenly Father will allow the spirit to touch their hearts no matter what happens.

EP: ya we had a guy come for the first time and he had to leave right after the sacrament meeting but he was like ya i got a thing to do but next Sunday i won’t plan anything so i can be with you guys all day and i was just like wow. That’s awesome.

M: That's great son, at least you know you have one coming back!  I am sure that you are fine and that the Lord will bless you and your companion for your efforts. 

How are your Saturday activities going? 
EP: um its ok. hard cause the ward really doesn’t help us so we have to do everything every week but last week we had like 15 people come to watch Johnny lingo haha. the youth are good but only they come to the activities.

M: I know you carry the brunt of the work in that area and they have been very blessed that you are willing to do so much.   But again, I know that the Lord sees your efforts and the lasting effects you will make on the kids that you serve will hopefully last their entire lives and the generations to come.  So hard as it may be, know that you are doing the Lord's work and therefor when done with the right heart and purpose, He will bless it and there will be blessings and growth.

By the way, I love Johnny Lingo! I'm curious if it translates in to Spanish and has the same effect, "Mahana you Ugly" kind of just rolls off the tongue!

Well son, what else is going on, give me a story.

EP: haha no its not as good in Spanish. um so this week we met a guy named Jaime. He’s cool, has had a tough life and needs the gospel. we talked to him a little and invited him to church and he came. He’s the one that only stayed for sacrament. but the coolest part was some one sat by him the whole sacrament meeting. this guy isn’t even a member and is from Oregon. his family is members and they came for the holidays. so he got up in the meeting and sat next to Jaime because Jaime got there alone. he sat by him the whole sacrament and was talking to him after and everything. it was super cool. after the meeting we find out he’s not even a member and i was just like wow. some one from Oregon who’s not even a member and do this and the people with years and years in the church who live here can’t.  it was just amazing to see. Jaime talked to us and when he was going to leave he went to look for the other guy and shook his hand before he left. it was just a testament to how much we can help people just by being there to welcome them,  make them feel good and that any one can do it. gotta go talk to you guys in a week love you guys.

Elder Park

Monday, December 8, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 56 - December 8, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

This week has been pretty good for us too. Not great but good. The ward went to the temple and a family i have gotten to know pretty well went to the temple to get sealed and they shared their testimonies this Sunday and that was awesome. It was amazing to hear and just feel the spirit.

M: Now that, a family being sealed is ultimate success. I can only imagine the feelings and the spirit that was there, it must have been awesome.  I would guess that at times like that, you really know why you are there and that there is a precious truth to what you teach.  Families being sealed for time and all eternity is the ultimate goal.  Well done.

So tell me about your week, what made it a good one?

: That the family was able to go to the temple was awesome. We also started talking to one of the friends of the dad in that family and he is awesome. He has some family problems because he lives with his in-laws and they are super catholic so they didn’t want us to go and talk to him in his house and he was like normally i would just leave it at that. I would just say for my family its better we just stop here but i felt something and i am willing to go somewhere else to keep listening. He really is looking for the truth and the lessons with him are awesome. 

M: Amazing what the spirit can do when we allow it to dwell with us!  Sounds like your investigator has felt the spirit and has been prepared for you to teach.  Hopefully, slowly, he will bring a different spirit to his home and the family will be more open. So how are the lessons different with this investigator? Are the questions he asks different?

EP: He is just a lot more ready. He asks amazing questions and his desire is amazing. He’s just like i just want to know the truth and how i can receive an answer from god and have the same surety in my answer like you guys have. You can really just see his desire and that he really will do anything and whatever it takes to get what he is looking for.

M: That is awesome.  The fact that he is willing to go out of his home to learn lets you know he is ready.  I am excited for him and for you.

So how was the primary presentation, did the kids do their part?  How are your other investigators? How is Edu and Desiree, Marcos, their family?

EP: primary presentation is this Sunday and not so sure how its gonna go. The primary president is freaking out. Hopefully all goes well. We got some investigators. The family Rosendo and Minerva that gotta get married hopefully they can do that this week or the next. We got a member that is gonna help them out. Minerva is awesome. We were talking to her and she was like i think the church is true because i have felt super good in the chapel. I feel in family and i feel like it’s the truth. It was super awesome. Edu is still great getting ready for the presentation but his family is still not progressing with him. I love that family so much (He’s talking about the children below in the photo, Avelino, Aquetzali, Desiree and Marcos.)

M: I think we all do a little freaking out before each presentation, but the Lord is good to us and the children always do really well, I am sure the kids will do great.

I am glad Edu is still involved and that things are good for him. I am sad that his family is not progressing. 

What makes them special for you?

EP: Ya we are hoping. I don’t know just cause they have such a hard situation to live with but i really see them trying hard to do what they have to do and see them progressing. I don’t know i have just come to love them so much and i wish i could just help them with everything in their lives. They have become like little siblings for me. Maybe because Avelino and Aquetzali and Marcos are all around Ty’s age or idk. I just really love them a lot.

M: They have been a special part of your life in Xico and will continue to be.  You will always pray for them and they will always remember the difference you made in their lives, even if for a short time period.  Teach them as much as you can.  Teach them to feel the spirit and live their lives so they can always feel the spirit and they will have a far better chance of staying close to the spirit.  We too will keep them in our prayers.  Don't give up on the parents, hearts can always be softened when you trust and lean on the Lord.  Enjoy the time you have their son and do what you can to build their foundation in Christ.

EP: yes gonna do everything i can cause probably not gonna be here much longer. Ok i will talk to you guys in a week love you guys.

Elder Park


Monday, December 1, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 55 - December 1, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Maria got baptized. It was one of the weirdest and funniest things i ever saw but it was good. No the parents didn’t come to church because they were both working. That’s awesome for ty that he is going with the missionaries. We are also doing visits with Avellino and Marcos so i kind of can imagine what its like for him haha. 

M: That's great for Maria and for the boys.  I know you are going to tell me more about why it was weird and funny.?!?!?!?!

: ok so we started super late and so the water was like freezing cold when she was gonna get baptized. The water was already cold cause the boiler kinda sucks. so she like starts to go in and like starts freaking out like no no no no i cant its soooooo cold. Cant you go like boil some water and put it in here please haha and the bishop was like no Hermana ya you just gotta do it fast and it will be better. so she finally gets in but she is standing in the water and like splashing herself with water to get wet and not so cold i guess i don’t know but she’s standing in there splashing water all over her body and head and the bishop is like ya Hermana please stop so we can do the baptism it was super weird and i couldn’t help but laugh. Then she finally calms down enough to get baptized and everything went good but then we asked her daughter how it went and she was like good but she opened her mouth and drank some of the water. Haha i was like o man she is probably gonna die cuase that water is nasty.

M: Oh my, that is a very interesting story.  I am sure she is not going to die! She may have a little upset stomach for a little bit, but I am sure she will be okay.  I'm glad that she was able to get baptized. 

So what else is going on, do you have any new investigators, what are you planning for this Saturday?

EP: um we got some investigators some hopefuls for December. The couple that is most likely have to get married to be able to get baptized so we gotta figure all that out first but were good. This Saturday i think were just gonna watch a movie in the chapel.

we worked our butts off this week haha I guess that’s what i am thankful for. we had a baptism and we taught more than 50 lessons. it was super cool. the standard is 40 and we normally get right around there but this week we got 52 it was awesome. talk to you in a week. love you guys.

Elder Park