Monday, March 30, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 72 - March 30, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

I am doing good, a little sad. I have changes so tomorrow i am leaving Huicholes. Its been short but amazing. I am gonna miss this ward a lot but i just don’t know what is gonna happen tomorrow. Sounds like a crazy week but a good one. I feel like the weeks are flying by but its been awesome. I loved my district i loved being here but its time to move on

M: Well son, change is always hard and yes, there is a purpose for you to be moving.  It was not a long stay in this area, only one cycle or two?  What do you mean you don't know what is going to happen tomorrow? Is changes different some how?

: just two cycles here. Nah just changes are always weird. New area, new companion, new everything. Gotta get used to everything again. I just hope that my new area is good and we have people progressing because i am leaving a bunch of awesome people that are progressing super cool. I am gonna miss it a lot here. 
M: Funny how that was your sentiment about the last area! You just have to know that you did your work there and that you need to trust that someone will pick it up where you left off.  If they are ready, the Lord will see to it that they progress.

EP: ya i feel good about this area because it really is a super good ward. The members are awesome and my companion as well. I don’t worry too much about the people i just would love to be here to be with them haha

M: So it's being comfortable again and having to step outside the box and be uncomfortable for a little while!  Sometimes that is a good thing.

So a story please

EP: um ok so we got a great family. The mom is Guadalupe and her sons Bryan and Javier. so they come to church yesterday and the mom is like hey so Bryan got mad at me cause he told me that you guys were gonna come today at 10 in the morning to baptize him and we weren’t at home at 10. Is that true? I was like no we were just gonna come and explain to you guys about baptism and explain what it is and why and everything but yes we are planning on baptizing him and Javier and you very soon. And she was just like ok come by after church and we can talk. so we go with them that night and explain baptism and everything and the two boys are like practically jumping out of their chairs like ya we wanna get baptized we love going to church its just awesome. And the mom was like ya me too. So a brother that went with us to the lesson was like ok Hermana and why are you gonna get baptized. She said well my boys love it there. We have gone to a bunch of churches and they never like it and i can see that they really want to be there. They want to be with you guys and they are changing and becoming better children. I see that the people in the chapel are good people and i want my kids to be like them. I always tell them. Look at everyone here and see what they are doing. Learn from them. It was pretty cool. Just the fact that people notice the difference in us as members and we need to live up to what we do. Like dad said we cant teach something if we don’t live it. We need to live the gospel first to be able to preach it. And when we live it, it preaches itself. People notice the difference in who we are and how we act. This family is super cool. Gonna miss their baptism though

M: Great story and you are right, more often it is our actions not our words that people believe. It is wonderful that in your ward there, these investigators feel good and that there are examples there for them to follow.  No matter that you will not be there for the baptisms, you have planted a seed and helped it to grow, that for you is good enough.  I love her reasons for joining the church, chances of them staying strong is good.  IS your companion staying or does he have changes too?

EP: he’s staying

M: That's good that he gets to stay, at least you will know what happens to the family and the others.  How are your other investigators/converts?

EP: they are all good. Everyone in church. Everyone still good. Gonna miss them but i know they will be ok. Blanca came to church this week with her daughter so that was awesome 

M: That's good, did you tell Blanca you were leaving?

EP: no we went to her house but she wasn’t there. I think were gonna go again later. But i gotta go, i will talk to you guys in a week we will see what happens. Love you guys have a great week. 

Elder Park

Last Monday in Huicholes 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 71 - March 23, 2015

Mexico Pachuca Letter #71 – March 23, 2015
(Excerpts from his email)

sorry i don’t have a lot of time to talk today we had a zone activity so i don’t have a lot of time to write but the week went good. we had the baptism of Abi and it was all good. also today we had a chili habanero eating contest and i won haha. but i also almost died

M: I'm glad Abi was finally able to be married and baptized. 

Why do you keep eating things that will make you die!  You are a Kitashima through and through, win at all cost!!

So a story please before you go.

: um story of the week. we had another activity on Friday and the kids were playing soccer. a little boy came for the first time with his grandma and he’s like 4. he was standing next to the goal and he gets absolutely drilled in the face with the ball. i was like o my gosh this cannot be happening. he like freezes for a moment and then just starts screaming and blood just starts streaming out of his nose. i was just like crap that is not good. i grab him and carry him but he gets blood all over my white shirt. i sit him down on my lap and start squeezing his nose with my hand and yell at my companion to go get paper towels. we finally get the blood to stop and he finally calms down but i have blood everywhere. and he does too. so we clean him up and he goes and starts playing with the other kids and when his grandma wanted to go he didn’t want to. but the best part is the sister missionaries came and asked why i was all bloody and i was like o some guys jumped us and started hitting me and we started fighting and all that. and apparently someone from another ward heard so on Sunday the missionaries from that ward came up and were like o my gosh what happened we heard you guys got beat up and were all bloody and blah blah blah. 
M: So I guess he was not traumatized for life!  And since he didn’t want to leave he enjoyed himself and so that is good.  Sounds like something that happened to you at the beginning of your mission?!?!?!

You better watch out, rumors spread quickly and then what are you gonna do.

How are your recent baptism people doing, any new investigators?

EP: haha nah it was just a joke. this week we had 6 people in the church. one is Uriel. he’s 9 and his family is getting active in the church well his mom. his sister is active and his mom is starting again with him but his dad doesn’t want to. we had two other boys angel and Edgar. they are both 11 and also children of inactives. we got them to church this Sunday and they like it. they love coming on Fridays to play soccer. and the best we got a great new family. the mom Guadalupe, her two sons, Bryan and Javier, and the daughter Rosa. they are super awesome. Bryan has a friend who is a member and he invited him to play on Fridays. he loves it and is super excited we went to his house and he put on a white shirt and tie to be like us haha. his mom is excited because her sons like it and she wants them to be ok. so they are looking really good. 

M: that is super awesome son, you have so many that have waited for you.  Very cool.  Is that Abi, what's her husbands name?

EP: Abi and Luis. ya things are going good here right now.  I’m pretty excited i just hope i don’t have changes. 

M: When are changes?  I know you will be where the Lord needs you most!  

EP: one week. i have at least one more week here. gotta go though. have a great week. a great spring break. love you guys. 

Elder Park

From the Mission Blog

Buenas tardes Presidente,
Este semana fue algo loca pero al después de todo muy buena. Tuvimos días bien estresantes pero también tuvimos 2 bautismos y aseguramos otro para mañana. Este semana la hermana Blanca Estela se bautizo. La contacte en la calle en mis primeras semanas aquí. Desde el principio ha sido muy especial pero por algunas cosas y algunos problemas no se bautizo hasta ahorita. Su bautismo fue muy especial y compartio su testimonio tan sencillo pero con todo su corazon. Dijo que no sabia como expresar sus sentimientos pero se sentia tan feliz como nunca jamas en la vida. Sus hijas tambien pudieron venir y eso fue otro milagro. Los trabajos de sus hijas se acomodaron perfectamente para poder estar alla y su mama les invito a seguir su pasos y los pasos de nuestro Padre Celestial para que puedan seguir adelante juntas. Fue muy especial y pude sentir el espiritu tan fuerte escuchando su testimonio. Me senti tan feliz y contento que por abrir mi boca con una hermana en la calle pudimos llegar juntos a este punto en su vida. No ha sido muy facil para mi hablar con todos pero realmente me he esforzado mucho y pude ver los frutos este dia.....
Muchísimas gracias por todo presidente,
Con amor

Elder P