Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 95 - September 7, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

hey sounds like a good week. here it has been good also. we had our 2 baptisms and they were great. last two of the mission. this week is the temple re-dedication so that should be a cool way to finish up the mission. last week at the pyramids it was crazy. a member gave us a tour and related everything to the church and the book of Mormon it was mind blowing. he explained how everything there is a  temple and they did the exact same things we do now. the name Teotihuacan actually means “where men become gods” and the temple is where we learn and train to become gods. it was super cool. one day we should go as a family haha.

M: Is that the same pyramids you went to i n the beginning of your mission? I remember you telling us one of the members telling you stories, you were not quite as excited about them as you are now, funny how the mission changes you.  You really should write those stories down so that you will always have them.  I like how the they said the temples were meant to train gods, cause you are right, that is what the temple here prepares us for. I would like to see them one day. I think they are fascinating.

I'm glad your baptisms went well, you have had much success on your mission, leading many to the waters of baptism.


EP: Graciela and her family is one. Emiliano and his family is the other one. So on baptism day, we went to the fill the font and the door where the faucets? (i don’t even know what they are called where you turn and the water comes out, haha) well the room was closed. i was like freaking out and didn’t know what to do but then after like half an hour i pulled it one more time and it just opened and it was like o hallelujah haha. then the boiler didn’t work so we had to baptize in cold water. it was freezing but both Graciela and Emiliano said that when they were in the water they didn’t feel cold at all. they got baptized and said they didn’t feel cold water they just felt good and super happy. it was super awesome.

M: Thank you, that is something wonderful to share.  When we are doing what is right, sometimes it seems that our surroundings are different than what they are and in this case, i am sure that they could only feel the spirit.  They knew what they were doing was right and nothing was going to stop them from feeling happy.  That's what the gospel does. So you good son?

EP: ya I’m good. tired but good. should be an interesting week haha.

M: Why will this week be interesting?

EP: It’s gonna be different. There’s no services this Sunday for the re-dedication and so no investigators can go to church. so its gonna be a little funky but its gonna be cool. but i gotta go have a great week love you guys see you all soon.

Elder Park


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