Monday, August 24, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 93 - August 24, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

hey mom ya it was kind of a really full week. we had zone conference and baptisms so we were pretty busy. The good thing was we had 3 baptisms this weekend. A mom and her two daughters it was super cool. Unfortunately only 2 got confirmed. One of the daughters has a kind of disability so they didn’t want to confirm her. They are gonna talk to President Egbert and hopefully she will get confirmed this week. A sister gave me that talk a couple months ago. Lessons from liberty jail. It’s a good one. i liked how you said in even the worst situations we can have the most spiritual experiences of our lives. 

M: Why do they baptize but not confirm, that's very interesting.

EP: its weird. president has the keys to baptize but the bishop the keys to confirm. but that’s also why we are kinda upset. we told them from a week ago that we were gonna baptize the three so if they had questions or stuff they should’ve talked to president this week before the baptism. cause it was super lame that we baptized the three everyone super happy and then Sunday the bishop just tells us that only two are gonna get confirmed. But, it was amazing. The mom shared her testimony after the baptism and it was awesome. like always simple a little rough around the edges but powerful and pure. She just shared how happy she was and how she knew and felt that all this was true. that it was a huge commitment she had made with her heavenly father but she was ready and willing for it. then Sunday night we went and she just said i know today i received the holy ghost. when they put their hands on my head and were talking i just felt super hot inside and i just felt good. I didn’t hear all the words he said but the ones i remember i know came from god and are to help me. it was super cool. it made me think about this video.

i really am good. just working my butt off and worrying about here and then when i get home the stuff that has to be done there. yes i know haha i always said i didn’t want to extend my mission cause nothing major could happen in a cycle. if i didn’t do it in the first two years a month and a half wont make a difference but boy was i wrong haha. i have learned so much in these past two weeks its been crazy. like you said basically just humbling myself. i always thought i was humble but when you think you’re humble i don’t think you’re really humble haha and i learned i wasn’t very humble. There’s a lot more to learn and to grow and humble myself and just accept His will in all moments in all things. 

M: So are you considering extending? I think we are better than we believe ourselves to be, but we can always be even better. I know that we have been humbled to a new level because of the experiences that we have had over the last few weeks. Things that were important are not as important as others. How we treat others is so much more important than I ever thought. How we live the gospel is a beacon to others and we need to make sure that we are portraying what the Lord would have us portray. There are things we know we need to change, we need to treat each other better, especially family because family is important. We have learned so much in these last weeks and we have been humbled. It's how we move forward that is important. How you choose to spend these last few weeks, that's important and then yes, we deal with whatever comes next. Again, we are growing together and having similar experiences and that, I think, is incredible. So know that though we are far apart in distance, we are close in our growth and our learning is so similar, all because you chose to go and chose to stay.

EP: nah I’m not extending just letting you know how the lord once again taught me how wrong i am haha. we went to visit a sister on Friday. she is having a hard time and a bunch of stuff was happening in her life but we only talked to her a little. really shared very little just bore our testimonies and listened to her. she accepted a baptismal date and to come to church with us. she was ready at 7 in the morning on Sunday to go to church and then while walking she was like i need to tell you guys something. the day you came i just felt so much peace i went up to my room and just fell asleep. just completely lost sleeping. i have trouble sleeping but that day i just felt so good and peaceful that i just slept the whole night. i don’t know why but i just felt so good when you guys came. she went to church and loved t so we are hoping she is a chosen one haha.

M: Very cool story. I love the stories of peace, it reminds me of my peaceful night after we spoke about you going on a mission. I to this day have never ever slept like that again. Like she said, completely lost in sleep. Then grandma shared that scripture from D&C 6:23 where the Lord speaks about peace and it being a witness. That's an awesome story and yes, a soul that has been waiting for you. You have much to be grateful for, as do we.  When times are hard, count your blessings!

EP: hey i gotta go but i really am good. Don’t worry about me. soon enough i will be home and the real problems start haha. but I’m ok. i will try to be on earlier next week but i don’t know. we are going to the pyramids so we will see how that goes. i will also try to send pictures. i love you guys so much. have a great week. 

Elder Park
From the mission blog

Buenos dias Presidente,
Esta semana ha sido la semana mas difícil de toda mi misión por mucho. Ha sido muy difícil para mi enfocarme y no pensar en otras cosas. Me esfuerzo mucho durante el día y en las lecciones para poder enfocarme totalmente en mis investigadores y las personas que estoy enseñando y la verdad he podido hacer lo mucho mejor que pensé posible. El problema ha sido mas en las noches y en las mañanas pero he podido aprender mucho esta semana. Las escrituras que teníamos que estudiar para la conferencia el día de mañana me ayudaron mucho. Nunca en la misión ni en la vida he sentido tan débil y solo. Más que nada yo quería estar con mi familia en estos momentos y ayudarles pero sé que tengo que estar aquí. Sé que puedo hacer mas aquí que allá y que el Señor cuidará a mi familia. No sé como están o que esta pasando en casa pero he podido sentir la fortaleza y el amor de mi Padre Celestial y mi Salvador en esta semana. Realmente cuando soy débil entonces soy fuerte. He visto muchas de mis debilidades esta semana pero he aprendido muchas cosas que me ayudarán por toda la vida. He aprendido a confiar al Señor en cada momento. Aún cuando no entiendo por que sé que él tiene un plan perfecto para mi y para mi familia. Sé que esta es su obra y él esta trabajando con nosotros porque sin su ayuda esta semana yo estaría en casa. A pesar de todo eso la semana fue maravillosa. Tuvimos 10 investigadores ir a la capilla esta semana y 5 nuevas fechas. Las personas que están mas cercas de hacer este convenio nos han comentado muchas cosas que me aseguro que realmente han recibido respuestas y están haciendo estas cosas por las razones correctas. Amo a esta obra y amo a mi Padre Celestial. Les amo muchísimo a usted y a su esposa. Gracias por todo y por todo su amor.

Elder P


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