Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 28 - May 26, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

 Hey mom I’m doing great. Things at home sound great i kind of miss basketball and everything but I’m doing good. Things are a little harder but it’s good I’m learning and it’s still been great. this week we had a crazy experience. We went t a house because a member told us that a girl there has an evil spirit in her. So we went and blessed the house and blessed the girl. She was worshipping and praying t the Santa Muerte and so we took her little statues and stuff and now they are in our house haha. My companion had a super bad dream like the first night we had it. it was crazy 

M: That is not a fun experience. Did you feel the spirit leave the house? Why did you keep the stuff and not just dispose of it? How old was the girl and is she better?

 EP: O it was crazy. When we got there it was just like super warm like outside was cold but this room was almost hot and there was like a pressure. Just like pushing on my chest but we prayed and stuff and it changed a lot. I think you don’t realize the spirit until there’s something else there because it got cooler more comfortable and peaceful. My companion doesn’t know if we just like toss the stuff if it will go back to the girl or hurt the girl or something so were trying to find something to do with it. The girl is like 22 or something and ya she’s better but still super weird. We were like talking to her and she doesn’t ever smile and she was like i remember the missionaries talking about being submerged in water. And we were like baptism. And she was like ya i want that i want to do that and we were like um ok awesome. It was just really weird. 

 M: I would ask a priesthood authority what to do with the items, maybe President or the Bishop of the ward. I would also see that she get a blessing of comfort and healing, her soul cannot be at peace after an experience like that. I don’t know, i am just guessing, but I think she is looking for peace and just doesn’t know how to find it. Be careful with that stuff, guard yourselves from it and find out sooner than later what to do with it, not good to have in your home.

 So did you have another baptism this week?

 And the tie? Who was it from?

 EP: The family said they were gonna come get them and put them in a cemetery but I’m not sure. 

 No, no baptism this week the next one is probably June 14. 

 The tie is from the bishop’s wife. 

 M: The last bishop’s wife? Ty is jealous, he wants one.

 Who is getting baptized in June, the lady that fell into your lap?

 EP: Yes, the last Bishiop’s wife. Its super cool i want to learn how to make them, she knits them. 

 Ya, her i invited her to be baptized and i was so nervous she was gonna say no haha. 

President Egbert attended Sacrament Meeting with Elder Park and his companion. 
The tie Elder Park is wearing is a gift from the last Bishop’s wife. 

 Elder Park

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 27 - MAy 19, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

 The week was great, long and different but good. Elder Walker a member of the 70s came and talked to us so we had conferences all day Thursday which was great but exhausting. Saturday we had an awesome baptism and confirmations Sunday. Sunday we got another gift from God. So this Sunday a woman came to church on her own. some how she got a book of Mormon i don’t know how but she’s been reading a chapter every day for the past month and she has questions and is interested in the church so Sunday morning she came to the ward and the bishop introduced her to us. It was super cool 

Elder Parkʻs Zone Pachuca Centro with Elder and Sister Walker and President and Sister Egbert
 Maria del Carmenʻs Baptism May 17, 2014

M: Wow, that's great, you get to be taught by a Seventy and then you have a great baptism and then the next one falls in your lap, literally! That's fabulous! The work is picking up and you are doing a great work. So do you have a lesson time set up for her? What is her name? What else happened that made it a great week?

 EP: Ya we have a lesson with her this Saturday because she is really busy with work so she cant meet with us often. Her name is America haha. Just learning from a 70 was cool and his wife and president and his wife like all talked and it was just a cool experience and then of course the baptism went perfect. 

M: I saw a picture of you and some other elderʻs including your companion from the MTC, is he in your zone? Or you guys just met up cause of the conference?

EP: O ya no it was just a special conference with elder walker. Three zones went and so his zone went with mine. He’s close though i saw him again today. He’s in Nuevo Hidalgo my first area haha. Also it hailed this Monday night. It was crazy 

 M: I heard, Sis Egbert was saying how the mission home flooded just before your guest arrived! So how big was the hail, pebbles or golf ball size? So how's your area, is it getting better, getting use to the ward, your companion?

 EP: No like pebbles but it was a different experience i got some pictures i will try to send soon. Ya I’m getting used to everything things are going ok different but good. In the ward there is a lot of older people only like 5 or 6 young men and the same for young women i think. theres about 100 people there every week. the bishop is really cool though. 

M: Do you still get fed everyday?

EP: ya we get fed every day its all good. i gotta go let me know how the job stuff went love you guys!

Bernardoʻs Baptism May 10, 2014
Elder Park

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 26 - May 12, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

The Bernardo hospital story was the story of the week. So Tuesday we went to Bernardo’s house for a lesson and he wasn’t there and his aunty said he went to the hospital so we were like freaking out, like no way this cant be happening. his mom came and was telling us what happened and started crying and it was super sad but Wednesday morning we went to go give him a blessing. he was on a floor in the hospital where they don’t allow visitors but a member was in the hospital all last year in rehab so he knows like everyone there so we snuck in with him breaking like all the rules and got to give Bernardo a blessing. Thursday he came home Friday he had his interview and Saturday he got baptized. it really was amazing and a miracle he recovered so fast and was able to get baptized this week but it was awesome.

 M: Yes that is incredible and a miracle for sure. Don’t you have another baptism coming up?

EP: Maria del Carmen. she is like golden. the missionaries visited her 15 years ago but her parents told her she couldn’t meet with them but she’s been like following the church watching conferences and stuff since then and in April she went to the chapel where the institute is and asked how she could join the church. she is seriously like amazing she knows like everything and is like ok sounds great so I’m gonna get baptized this week what do i need. she is like the definition of a golden investigator. 

 M: So how was the sushi?

EP: It was like a Mexican sushi place but it had like all the normal stuff. miso soup, spicy ahi, sashimi, it was pretty good not like home but it was ok. we just went to Wal mart but we didn’t know it would take so long. we left at like 11 but the combi to get there took like an hour so we just didn’t have time this morning. but where wal mart is it’s kind of like a strip mall and i got a krispy kreme donut that was super good haha. 

 M: Other than that you good?

 EP: Ya I’m good mom everything is going good right now

We were able to talk to Elder Park on Mother’s day and he shared this story. His mission president had promised a general authority that in the month of May every companionship would have two baptisms. In what Elder Park has shared this week, he and his companion already had their first baptism and will have their second one this week, attaining that goal. He shared that in his old district, one of the sister companionships was really having a difficult time finding people to teach. In their mission the rule is that prospective members need to attend church five times before getting baptized. They were in the last week of April and had not found anyone to teach, pretty much solidifying them not making the baptismal number. The Lord however knew their needs and they met a family that has been prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel and they will be baptized in May. Elder Park shared that this truly was a miracle and the Lord knew what these sisters needed. This is the type of miracles that come when missionaries practice perfect obedience. He sends his love and gratitude for the prayers and thoughts, emails and boxes that are sent his way. He is good and he is truly enjoying his time in Mexico.

 Elder Park

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 25 - May 5, 2014

 (Excerpts from his email)

M: So, I saw your picture on the blog with your new companion, looks like another local for you. Tell me about him, how are things? Looks like your hair is getting long. Did you get the box?

Elder Park and Elder Contreras
EP: Yes he’s from Sinaloa Mexico and he’s good. I just cut my hair today and i got your box but not aunty Abby’s. In the box was my two jeans the buzzer candy and the hole punchers and the talks. I am now in Pachuca Centro where the big clock thing is. Its been a good week very different but good. The area is completely different. From the boonies to the center of like everything and its all hills. Its brutal walking up and down up and down all day long. 

M: So you are kind of back where you started. So how is it different and what was good?

EP: I am very close to where i started and its funny we went to contact an investigator that they stopped visiting and i was the one who met him first. He has a friend in Nuevo hidalgo where i was and he lives in this ward. It was really weird but cool. The area is just city and hills so its different but its good i like it and we have some amazing investigators haha. 

M: So do you have hot water? In relation to your other companions, how is the language, you guys understand each other pretty good? How long has he been out? Who are you teaching?

EP: I do have hot water the first day no and i almost cried but i do now and our apartment is actually super nice. Yeah i understand pretty good. He has a little over a year. This week we have a baptism!!! WOOOO!!! But seriously its like the best but most heartbreaking story ever. So this week we are baptizing a boy named Bernardo. His mom is less active and has been for like 20 years. Well she has some kind of sickness i think cancer and its not very good. She cant leave at night cause its too cold and like is just really weak. Well her son is 9 and he wants to join the church of his mom before she passes. So the whole family him, his mom, and older sister are reactivating and are really exciting. And he is going to get baptized on mother’s day as a gift for his mom. The family is amazing and the mom is like one of the nicest people in the world. We fasted especially for her this week. 

M: How’s your district, still with sisters or only elders?

EP: District is only me my companion and 3 sisters. Hermana Bermeo, Cardona, and Parker. Don’t know them well yet but i will let you know and try to send pictures when i have some.

Hermanas Cardona, Parker and Bermeo
M: So what else is going on with you? What do you think about the Nala story?!?!?!?

EP: I have to go but i will tell you more stories next week sorry we have like a bunch of appointments today but i got some good ones but you just gotta wait for next week sorry. 

Nala story is crazy. I was really scared when i read the first part i thought she was really lost for good but just tell everyone thank you for everything and for going up there to look for her. I really appreciate that everyone just dropped what they were doing and went looking for her. I hope she’s ok and I’m glad she’s getting better but obviously not good enough yet. Tell them sorry and thank you for everything. 

I got emails from the bishops family today and its so sad haha they said its like different now and the whole ward was asking for me and stuff which is weird cause i wasn’t there for very long. My old companion said in all the lessons the people ask about me and what not and his new companion thinks he’s doing things wrong but i will talk to you later, love you! 

Elder Park

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 24 - April 28, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Transfers are tomorrow and i have changes. It sucks it’s so hard to pack up all my crap and stuff it into the bags haha. We didn’t do Mormon helping hands i think they have done it before but no we didn’t do anything last week. Investigators are doing good. Ismael is doing good and he looks good to get baptized this week or the next. He went to the temple with the Ward and his girlfriend said he really liked it. Luz Elena, Cytlali, and Nayeli the other girls we haven’t seen them much because of vacations. They all went to Mexico City for the week so we didn’t have a chance to talk to them but they should also get baptized soon. 

M: How was the ward temple trip, did all those people go, it must have been a wonderful trip for all of them.

EP: Yes a lot of people went i actually have a story about that my great success of the week haha. So they left Friday night at like 8 to go the temple Saturday. There’s a family of recent converts they got baptized like a year ago and the dad doesn’t always go because he Works far away and hasn’t gone to church in a while. I think that’s affecting his son because his oldest son Chucho just turned 18 but stopped going to church. Anyways his brother Joaquin was going to go to the temple but Chucho no because he didn’t want to so Friday after lunch we went over to his house and talked to him. Me and my companion didn’t read any scriptures or anything just bore our testimonies about the church and the temple and asked him to pray about if he should go or not. He did and we left the house with him still being unsure about it. Later that night we saw his dad and he told us that Chucho had decided to go. We felt super good about that and Sunday morning his whole family including the dad was there in church early. Joaquin said the temple helped Chucho a lot and he was a lot more animated and excited about the church now so that was awesome 

     M: What an amazing story. Sometime it takes others testimonies to help us find and understand our own. It also is reality that as parents, we have such an important job to be examples to our children and that even when the decision is kind of out of our hands, like this dad having to work, it affects the child, especially when the conversion to the church is not so strong. I would guess however that with you all being around the same age, your testimonies helped him to at least think about it and then the spirit did the rest. Very cool. Can I ask what you shared with him?

     EP: Ya i felt super good after that like i actually helped him. Before the prayer i shared about how before i left on the mission that i got to go to the temple with the Ward and do the baptisms and how awesome that was for me. How he can receive the Melchizedek priesthood and do that next time they go. And then after the prayer i just shared about getting answers to our prayers. How i got my answer to go on my mission from a prayer and we need to pray and then listen because we will get the answers heavenly father knows we need. Not always what we want but what we need and we just need to trust in them. 

M: So, knowing that you are leaving this area and that it was pretty much your first one. What are some of the things that you learned there or memories that you will take from this area?

EP: I learned a lot here Spanish for one haha. I have a lot of memories the Ward more than anything. Playing soccer a lot. The weird food. I ate tacos with like the weird gross red part on the roosters head this week. It was not my favorite. idk i feel like i learned everything about the mission here. The ups and downs. What are you looking for haha? 

     M: Nothing in particular, but the examples below are good. The food experiences are good, you have had some interesting ones. I guess if later you look back on this area, what will you remember most is what I was looking for.
     EP: The Ward definitely. The bishop’s family haha. We spent a lot of time with them and they are all awesome. They all said i have to send them boxes of Candy and come back and visit. Haha Denise said she wanted me to go to her high school graduation next year. I gotta go but i will talk to you next week and let you know where i am and all that good stuff. Love you guys have a good week 

Elder Park