Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 51 - November 3, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

hey thanks mom. Seems like the week was very busy and very exciting for you guys. Great to hear about ty and his eagle project. Sucks i couldn’t be there to help but it is what it is. Thank you for sharing all that with me. I definitely needed it. I don’t know I’ve been a little down lately. Just thinking a lot. stressing a lot and just going a little crazy here haha.     

M: Why, what's going on?  What's causing the stress and the over thinking?

: just everything. We had like 50 people in church again this week and it’s like no matter what we do things just aren’t getting better. we went to visit the counselor in relief society yesterday cause she hasn’t gone in like 2 months and she told us a whole bunch of stuff and she knows its true and she knows she’s wrong and she knows she has to go but she’s not going to because she doesn’t feel good in the chapel. We have had investigators tell us they don’t want to go to church because the members are just always fighting and it’s just so stressful and frustrating. We are having success. We have some super cool people. The half brother of the girl we just baptized told us yesterday he wants to get baptized and he probably will in like 2 weeks. I know we are working hard i am so tired everyday from just working and walking and everything but i don’t know it’s just super hard right now. I’m trying to be positive and happy but it’s hard. And people are noticing. More than a few members keep asking me if I’m ok if I’m sick or other stuff. One sister is convinced i have a virus or something. It’s just stressful.

M: Couple things come to mind as I read this, one, I know you have a love for these people and that you are working as hard as you can. Two, I am grateful that these people have a love for you, so much so that they are concerned about you. Those two things alone can and should bring you some sense of happiness and joy.  You have found the love of Christ and have learned to love and to receive love and that is awesome.  
EP: yes i do love all these people but that also makes it so much harder. I love them so much that i want them to do all the things they need to do and when they don’t its like ugh why don’t you just go to church. Yes we have talked (to the bishop) and i think we are going to bring it up in ward council that people are saying these things and things need to change. Yes i know thank you. It’s just something i have to do right now. Something i have to fight through.

M: Yes it is, but it is not something that you have to do alone. I think that sometimes we think these trials need to be endured all alone, but they don't. Like dad said, seek out a priesthood blessing, if for nothing else but for guidance and peace.  Know that we will make it a matter of prayer on our side.

So, tell me something positive that happened this week.

EP: Well the one awesome thing that happened this week was Marcos. He’s Desire's brother and he’s come to church with us like 3 weeks straight. He’s awesome and we were walking home from church and he was like hey i want to get baptized, when can I get baptized. I was like well we gotta talk to your parents first. I was kinda scared cause his dad is Desire’s dad and he was kinda against it with Desire but Marcos was like o i talked to them and they both said yes. I was just like wow awesome then you will get baptized on November 15 and he was like sweet. and then we were talking about priesthood and all that casue his half brother Avellino just got the priesthood this Sunday and he was like haha i am gonna go straight to teacher and you are only a deacon. It was funny and just awesome. Those kids are awesome they have a tough life at home but i am glad we can help them a little. We are starting to have activities every Saturday and this Saturday only them and one other family came but we had a really good time. I feel like i am helping these kids hopefully to learn to love the church and stay strong even after we leave.

M: There is another example of the Lord's love for you; he put wonderful people in your path who are ready, despite the other stuff.   They can support each other in their home and with the priesthood presence it will be even better.  You will have made a huge impact on that family for eternities and that will be with you forever, even after these struggles and challenges pass.  
How are your other investigators?
EP: we have some cool ones. We contacted one lady on the bus i think i told you about her and she is awesome. she is like i had my doubts when i started listening but you guys answer my questions and i have been reading and i just feel this confidence in what i am reading and doing. I just feel like its right. She’s super cool. Her name is Maria. The problem is right now she has like meetings Sunday mornings so she couldn’t come to church. We have another lady named Patty who reads the book of Mormon when she feels all stressed out and she feels peace when she reads it. She knows its true but for one thing or another she cant come to church with us ever. We do have people that can progress, we just need help, like always.
I gotta go i love you guys. I will talk you in a week. Have a great week

Elder Park

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