Monday, November 10, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 52 - November 10, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

this week haha i wouldn’t say was better it probably was worse but i feel good. i feel happy and i feel ok with what i am doing. the problems are still there probably worse than ever or i know more than before but i don’t feel so stressed or overwhelmed. i would love to have a Disneyland break right now haha!

M: We will go when you come home, promise, or I keep hearing we should go to Mexico. 

I am glad that you are feeling better, like I said, I didn't feel panicky for you or down, it is just something that you have to go through and will too pass.  It's also probably partly the realization that you have no control over a lot of things and so you can only control what you can control.  When we accept that, we tend to be better.  Work with the ward.

: haha Mexico would be better. There’s a six flags here in Mexico City.  

Haha idk i feel ok.  We are having fun and doing what we can. We are having activities every Saturday that are working out cool. This Saturday we made pizzas i will try to send pics. Also Marcos might be getting baptized this Saturday. We are gonna talk to his parents today and if they give the ok were good to go.

Aquetzali, Kaile, Hermano Delfino, Avelino, Yadira, Edu, Juan Eduardo, Hermana Oliva, Desire, y Cachi

My compa, Karen, Mauro, Aquetzali  (Desire’s sister), Armando, and me

M: We can do six flags, except dad and Ty really don't ride, dad at all, ty very little!  But we will see.

You feel ok because you know in your heart that you are doing your part.  You have investigators like Marcos that are progressing and that you know you are making a difference in his life.  Those things are the positives that Elder Scott talks about.  You are allowing the positive to out weigh the negative.  That's your growth and we are so proud of you.  Yes, there are frustrations and set backs, but in the end, we need to focus on the good.

How are your other investigators, how is Edu and Desiree?

EP: haha ok. Ya probably. Investigators are good. Edu is still awesome still comes to church still loves it. Desiree is the same and Marcos is her half brother so that should be good for them. 

M: Tell me who are in the pictures and what did you teach.

EP: in the one picture is my compa, Karen, Mauro, Aquetzali (Desire’s sister), Armando, and me. The other one is Aquetzali, Kaile, Hermano Delfino, Avelino, Yadira, Edu, Juan Eduardo, Hermana Oliva, Desire, y Cachi. We made pizzas and talked about the church and played some soccer. The new one is me, Marcos, and Aquetzali, i also had a pet duck haha. 

M: A pet duck, really!?!?!?!  Too cute. 

Are the people just members, Bishop, family?  Is Desiree's sister the red head, is she a member?

EP: haha ya its cause a sister had her birthday and her family calls her pato (duck) so i was joking and was like I’m gonna buy you a duck for your birthday and she was like ok i will be waiting. So i had to buy her a duck. But it was only 25 pesos so it was super cheap haha. Mostly members. Marcos isn’t and one other family of investigators. Juan Eduardo is the bishop’s son but the bishop wasn’t there. Desire’s sister is the red head and she is a member. Avellino is her brother and he’s also a member. He got to pass sacrament this week so that was super cool. 

M: Did she eat it?

I am glad for Desiree and Marcos that they have members in their family, they can support each other and hopefully one day their parents will see the light.  They look so different?!?!?

You look and sound very happy son.  I am grateful for that, prayers are always answered.

EP: haha no it’s a baby. She’s taking care of it. Yeah Marcos is half brother of the other three. Yes, but i have to go i love you guys.

Elder Park

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