Monday, November 24, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 54 - November 24, 2014

We also had stake conference two weeks ago and it was a broadcast from salt lake. it was weird though because they all spoke in Spanish and some of them were struggling a bit but it was good. glad to hear about everything at home and how you feel about families. i also have noticed that a lot here. we have been teaching a lot of youth and without family support its super hard. also just seeing and hearing about all the problems it makes you realize how blessed you are. we had a conference this week with president and the theme was attitude of gratitude. I just want to tell you both how grateful i am for you. You have told me before that you aren’t perfect and maybe haven’t done all the things like you should have but i can say for me and ty you are the best parents we could ever ask for. everything we have done and everything we are is thanks to you guys. if anything we don’t say or show it enough how grateful we are for you. thank you for everything i love you guys. also no changes. so i will be here in Xico for a little bit longer.

this Sunday Avellino and Desiree’s dad came to church. i was like a little worried at first cause it was super unexpected. i saw him walking outside the chapel and was like o no he’s gonna come in here and like yell at Marcos and Avellino that they have to go home or something. but he just walked in sat down and stayed the whole time. he went with us to class and then to priesthood and it was super cool. It was awesome to see and like you said about families. his two kids got baptized in these past two months and hopefully he is feeling something of a desire to join them. it was really cool.

M: That is totally awesome son!! It solidifies my learning on Sunday that this gospel is about families and that when the spirit is present anyone can feel it.  Have you guys set up discussions with him?  You didn’t even know that he was coming? Did the kids know?

: we have talked to him but sometimes he’s a little weird and doesn’t want to listen to us. He’s just always playing around and stuff but the awesome thing is that he’s working now. He has been struggling to find work forever and this week he has finally got work. i know its because he has supported his kids in their decisions to go to church and get baptized and everything. Maybe and hopefully he feels that way too. 

M: I'm excited for you and more for his children.  I think it would be great to find a way to point that out to him, to let him know that the Lord is there for us and when we make right decisions, he blesses us.  His allowing his children to join the church was a right decision and the blessings came.  That's a wonderful story son, it makes the work you do so important and meaningful.  Can you imagine when he finally accepts the gospel and his family can work towards forever?!?!?!

EP: ya it would be awesome. The mom also has been listening to us and has been more excited. I am feeling really good about them. Hopefully soon they all can start coming to church and one day have an eternal family. i am good we are working and things seem to be ok. i gotta go too thank you for everything. i will talk to you in a week. Love you guys.

Elder Park

Pictures from the mission

Tulancingo Zone with President and Hermana Egbert

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