Monday, November 17, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 53 - November 17, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

this week was definitely not easy but awesome. We had some huge problems but it was good in the end. the biggest thing was Marcos did everything but Friday night his mom said he couldn’t get baptized cause his uncle said no. i was super frustrated super upset and just losing my mind,. She told us she didn’t have a problem with it but his uncle said no and so no. i was like but your his mom you need to make the decisions and a bunch of stuff and she just ran away. She literally ran away from us. i was pissed, more than anything for Marcos. Me and my companion were nervous about the baptism cause we weren’t really sure if he was ready or if he was taking it seriously so we talked to him super good before his interview. he shared with us his real desires to learn and his experiences. He said for the first time this past Sunday like a week ago he paid attention in the prayer and really focused and he felt like someone smacked him in the head and then just felt super peaceful. It was super weird but i think that was his answer. He was super scared to talk to his mom because he thought she would say no so we went with him. i started to talk and then she was like ok what have you learned Marcos? Marcos was a champ and started to say a bunch of stuff, word of wisdom, my body is a temple, i haven’t drank coffee since i learned this, and a whole bunch of stuff. i really was proud of him and like wow he really does want this and for the right reasons. That’s why it was even harder when his mom was like no. But we talked to his dad and he said yes signed the paper and Marcos got baptized Saturday. It was super cool, he was super happy.

M: Blessings son.  I am not sure why the rejection from the mom had to happen, but I am sure that there was a reason.   I am glad that Marcos made the decision for himself and that he was able to tell his mom all the things that he learned so far.  It is important for him that he know those things and that he make those commitments himself.  I love that he was able to get his own answer, in his own way.  I am convinced that the Lord talks to us in the way that we will understand, that it is an answer from Him.  He was able to answer Marcos in a way that makes sense to Marcos.  But so awesome that he was able to feel peace at his age, that is definitely something that I cherish so much and it is usually a sure answer that the Lord is talking to us. Pictures? Your other investigators?

Hermano Delfino, Elder Park, Marcos, Aquetzali, Elder Pina and Avelino

Elders and the boys go to stake conference.

: that’s his brother Avelino. Hermano Delfino the counselor in the bishopric baptized him. This Sunday the brothers went to stake conference with us.  We had to go almost 2 hours in bus to get to the stake center, no one (our investigators) went to church cause it was far. So like 15 people went from the ward but we have a sister who has a bunch of time listening to missionaries that i think will get baptized really soon. if all goes well. this weekend. but we will see her name is Maria. I gatta go, talk to you in a week, love you guys.

Elder Park

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