Monday, October 27, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 50 - October 27, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

i got some cool stories. so this Tuesday we started the morning super weird. we had a couple of appointments but no one was home. so first we go and visit a family but they weren’t home but i saw their neighbor washing clothes. i saw here when we walked in the gate of the house and i don’t know why but i just thought i should talk to her. so when we found out they weren’t home we went and asked her if she knew them and blah blah blah. after we talked to her for a little we find out she walks past the church almost every day. her kid goes to school close and an aunty has a shop over there too. she said sometimes she wondered what we did and once there was an activity and she wanted to go but felt uncomfortable. it was cool to talk to her and hopefully she can progress. then after cause all the appointments fell through we went with another family an hour earlier than we planned. turns out the mom is going to live in Tulancingo, like 2 hours from here, to work and we got there right before she wanted to leave. it was perfect timing and i really felt like we were guided by the spirit that morning. we had a cool talk with her and it was weird. when i was talking with her i felt something that i don’t normally feel with other people. like how we were talking about special spirits and what not i don’t know she has something special. we were talking about that and she said once in the temple a temple worker came up to her and said she had a special spirit and had many things that the lord needed her to do. it was super cool.
M: Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways.  We have all our plans and think we are good and ready to go and then, nothing goes right, except everything goes the way He intends it to go!  That's when you know He is guiding your work and that He is preparing people to hear your message.  From the one woman, who already is showing an interest, you may have two or more investigators.  That's pretty cool, aren't you glad you listened to the spirit and that other things fell through?!?! 

How is Edu?

: he’s awesome. haha he stopped drinking coffee and he’s just awesome. were talking with his parents but his dad is kinda like whatever but his mom also seems ready. we need to talk to them more but she is really cool. haha Edu said we have to go to his house and teach him how to direct music so he can direct in the primary program in December. he and desire the girl we just baptized might be the music leaders

M: How are things with your companion?

EP: We’re good. He’s a little different but no problems haha. We’re gonna have another activity this Friday and i want to make malasadas. gotta go so i will talk to you in a week love you guys

Elder Park

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