Monday, October 6, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 47 - October 6, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Conference was great. The talks were all super cool and i also think i will learn them better when i can read them. I got the box and the card, thank everyone for me. Um this week was pretty mellow. Focusing a lot on conference and inviting people but pretty much no one showed up. its a Little frustrating sometimes because we invite so many people, and like usually, the people tell us no or maybe or stuff like that but the people here are like ya I’ll be there and they don’t show up. It’s like why do you tell me yes and then don’t go but we have one super bright spot haha. It’s a boy named Edu. He is awesome. His cousins are members well 2 of them and he loves coming to church with us. We go and pick him up every Friday and he stays at his cousin’s house all weekend to go to church with us. He asked his aunty to make him dress pants and a White shirt to go to church and i let him borrow one of my ties this week. He is reading his book of Mormon and he’s only 10 years old. We will see what happens but he’s awesome and we need it cause right now we don’t have much other investigators that are progressing so well.

M: Your thoughts remind me of that picture that was in the Kitashima house, the picture of the Savior and the quote "I never said it would be easy only worth it." Sometimes, often times, it's not easy, like Elder Scot said, we need to have challenges in our lives to help us grow and learn. This is your growing time, maybe time to step out of your comfort zone, which has grown quite a bit, and try new things, be more vocal maybe, I don't know. But, Edu does sound like your "worth it" part and I am sure that there are others, maybe not moving as quickly as you would like, but that's okay, we all need to do things at our own pace and in our own time, or more so the Lord's time. Your job is to keep pushing forward and sharing your testimony with them.

What happened to the grandma and the boy? What about the two sisters who had birthdays?

EP: grandma and the boy are ok. The mom of the boy just had a baby so they’ve been pretty busy with all that. It’s understandable just a Little more difficult haha. The two sisters that had birthday are the cousins of Edu. I am hoping Edu can help them also be a little more excited about everything but we will see.

M: Well son, all I can say is that you are there for a reason and the Lord will guide and direct you if you let Him. Dad was saying and I agree with him, you have grown so much in the way that you handle things. In the beginning of your mission, we could sense a greater sense of frustration and maybe even a sense of wanting to give up, now, you handle these set backs and frustrations with more determination and an attitude of we just gotta work harder.

EP: ya i hope i have grown and changed in the last year haha. I am doing good. I feel like i am learning and growing a lot. What you said about trials and stuff like that made me think a lot about my patriarchal blessing. My mission wont be easy, there will be trials, but the trials will help me to grow and will be for my good. Just like one of the conference talks i don’t remember really well which one but there were two. One was a lot of times we have goals and then we do everything against reaching those goals. We have goals to go on a mission, to get married, to do all these things but the little decisions we make take us farther away from our goals. And the other one was like i had my patriarchal blessing and i was doing a lot of good things. I had a job family serving in the church but a friend asked me a question that changed my life. He asked me if i continued living my life like this would i receive all the blessing from my patriarchal blessing. Idk a lot of good talks from conference just wish more people came this weekend from the ward to listen haha.

M: So you are good son?

EP: yes i am good. I love the people. There are great people here. Obviously maybe not the best success right now but there’s a lot of things i can and need to do better too. I am doing good and will be working hard. It’s crazy we think we are not doing so well in the mission in general but were doing ok. As a zone we only had 8 baptisms last month but we had the second most in the mission. And we out here in Xico had one. It’s hard to not compare yourselves with others but its natural i have been trying not too. Like i heard a lot of, “ this is a hard area, there aren’t many baptisms, blah blah blah” and it’s like oh hey i got one I’m good but no, there’s a lot more work to be done.

M: I agree, just because they say it's a hard area and you already have one baptism, there is still work for you there and you are right to say I will go and do work till the Lord says it's time to move. We are proud of you son! I am overjoyed that you are happy and good. It brings me greater comfort; the Lord is good to us. He asks only a little of us and so we must go and do as best we can.

EP: haha ya thanks, I gotta go, the hour and a half is up so i will talk to you guys in a week. Love you guys

Elder Park

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