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Mexico Pachuca - Week 49 - October 20,2015

Mexico Pachuca Letter #49 – October  20, 2014
(Excerpts from his email)

well i got my new companion, elder piña from ciudad Juarez Chihuahua. He’s awesome. he is straight from the mtc so i am his “daddy” haha. It’s a lot of responsibility but he’s a great missionary definitely came out way more prepared than me so i don’t really have to train him much. we are doing good and having some success right now.  I really like working with him and he’s just a great guy.

um story for the week. so we are supposed to talk on the buses and talk to people but i usually didn’t do it cause i always got super nervous and what not but now that i gotta give be the example to a new elder and everything i was like ok i really gotta do it now.  so we get on the bus and i tell him ok elder the person that sits next to us were gonna contact them. so of course no one wants to sit next to the weird missionaries in shirt and tie so no one sits there until there are no more seats left but finally someone sits there. we are going on the bus and we are going to start talking but then 3 dudes get on and start playing music and singing and I’m just like no way this sucks there’s no way i am gonna hear them or they are gonna hear me. but anyways my companion starts talking to me about the music and what kind it is and all that stuff and i have no idea so he asks the lady sitting next to us. she answers and then we start talking, where are you form blah blah blah and then i use that to start talking about the gospel and what we do as missionaries. Everything goes good and then i ask if we can visit them and they say yes and start explaining where they live. turns out they live upstairs from the family that had the birthday parties a couple weeks ago. i have seen the lady a couple of times walk in and go upstairs to her house but never thought anything of it just said hi and what not. i was like wow that’s crazy. missionaries have been visiting this family for months probably years and they never went upstairs. well we went during the week and talked to the mom of the family and she is awesome. She’s super nice and was like ya if after all this time you guys are coming and talked to us on the bus i think its for something. We were just like ya i think god has put us here to talk to you and share this message right now in your life. it was a super cool experience and we are going to visit them today at 6 to have a real first lesson
D: Your lady on the bus story reminded me that there are no such things as coincidences.  Heavenly Father put you and her on that bus because she is ready.  We watched Meet the Mormons on Saturday and the last lady "the Missionary Mom" said the same thing as part of her conversion story.

M: That's a great story son and falls right in line with what Sis. Yim was saying about the Lord preparing people to hear the gospel.  And though the family was there all the time, now was the right time to share the gospel with them. Best of luck to you as you teach them.

So where exactly is your companion from, I don't think I have ever heard of that place. Is it in Mexico? How is he better prepared? Are you responsible to teach him English?

: he’s from Juarez, Chihuahua. ya its in Mexico in the north like bordering the states. He just knows a lot about missionary work about the lessons and everything. he worked a lot with the elders in his ward so he just knows a lot of the stuff that we have to do. yes i am helping him with his English. but he understands well he just needs a little help with the pronunciation. 

M: So how are your other investigators, Edu, the sisters, grandma and grandson?

Edu and the Elders

EP: Edu is good we talked to his mom and she’s awesome so were hoping. grandson came to church this week. he’s got a baptismal date for November 1 but is still a little unsure. the sisters same old same old haha. we got a couple named Rosendo y Minerva. they’ve come to church two weeks in a row and like it so they are doing good too. defiantly got work just gatta make sure they work out good haha.

Tell everyone to send me stuff for my wall haha

Elder Park's wall in front of his desk
 M: What kind of stuff? just pictures. we can have the kids draw if you like?

EP: ya or like quotes or whatever things from home. family pictures. anything to make my wall cooler haha. i also got my flag hanging in the window. but i will talk to you guys in a week love you guys.

Elder Park

Pictures from the Bonfire FHE

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