Monday, October 13, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 48 - October 13, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

I’m doing good. my comp has changes so tomorrow i will have a new companion but i am staying in Xico. I saw the movie preview (Meet the Mormons) on and i want to see it too, probably cause its a church movie and we can only watch those in the mission but it looks interesting. A bunch of people keep asking if i am going to come back one day cause changes are coming up and i always say yes and that you want to come too. They are all like oh cool bring your mom and blah blah blah. One family said they will make you all the normal Mexican food from here. I told them you guys gotta learn Spanish too. Tell Ty he has a year to learn Spanish and i will bring him to Mexico haha.

M: Yes, we would love to go, I am not sure when, but we will talk about it. Uncle Shon really wants to go, so we will see. Learning Spanish, I am not sure about that, we would need to get the Rosetta Stone series and see what happens! How come you are on early again and are you coming back later or is this it for today?

EP: yes i also would love to come back it was funny yesterday, we talked to Edu’s parents about his baptism and they were kind of like its a little soon i don’t want him to get baptized and then get bored and not want to go cause its not a game and all that which i totally understand. so i told him if his parents don’t let him get baptized before i leave he has to go to church for a whole year and then i will come back and baptize him haha.
ya you just finished your classes so now you can start studying Spanish haha.
we are gonna go play soccer with some members for my comps last day here. 

M: I agree with Edu's parents, are they interested in learning the gospel? I don't know about going back in a year, but we will see. So excited about a new companion, or not so much?

EP: they said they have a religion but are always willing to listen so i am defiantly planning on talking to them and hopefully getting the whole family in the chapel. yes and no haha. excited but nervous as always. its good and bad haha we will see what happens.

M: I think you will find the greatest success if you can teach the entire family. I think recently for me, it has become more and more evident that family is what is most important and that the Lord gave us families to help each other through life. When they make that commitment together, that's when miracles happen! So explain the yes and no about the changes.

EP: defiantly were gonna go play basketball with Edu and his dad today so that should help us open doors too. yeah we’ve been talking about families a lot too here and family is definitely the most important. when you got a good happy family everything else just goes so much better. 
i mean changes i think are good for me now. i have been a little less patient and i think i might need changes but i still love my companion. not easy but he’s a great guy and there’s always the who knows who’s gonna be your new companion thing so we will see what happens haha

M: Wow, playing basketball again, that must be something you look forward to doing.
Yes, changes are always a bag of mixed emotions. Just remember, learn from each, take the good and move forward.
Are you happy to be staying in Xico? Sounds like there is still some work for you to do there, but it also sounds like the members have again connected with you in some way.

EP: um kinda haha basketball is so different here its not as fun haha.
yes definitely happy to be here in Xico. Definitely work to do and a lot of things i hope to do better. yes idk its weird here and in Tepa i have just had a great relationship with most of the members. This week we had our family home evening, we just made a bon fire shared a gave a short message about the family and then we played charades and ate hot dogs and marshmallows. it was super cool. like 30 people came and we just really had a good time. it was a little difficult to get the fire started but we got it going and it stayed going for the whole activity it was cool.
i will talk to you in a week with a new companion i will tell you how it all goes haha love you guys.

Elder Park

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