Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 46 - September 29, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Thanks for the story mom its something president has been teaching us too a lot here. We have to do everything we can first to obligate the lord to bless us. Like the scripture in doctrine and covenants i the lord am obligated when ye do what i say. He has been teaching us that when we do everything literally every little thing we can the lord with open doors and we will see the miracles. Well this week was pretty good. We had a baptism that was interesting but awesome. The water in the font was like super green and nasty but the baptism went great. Then this Sunday a 70 came to the ward and spoke in all the parts. He spoke, gave the class in Sunday school, priesthood and ward council after. It was really cool and hopefully we can do everything that he said because it can help us a lot. 

M: What was the 70s message? And why was the baptism interesting, was that Desiree?

EP: He talked a lot about being stronger personally and in families to help the ward be stronger as a whole. In Sunday school he said everyone should be brother or sister NOE. that means every member should have Noche de hogar (family home evening) Oraciones familiares (family prayers) and Estudiar las escrituras como familia (family scripture study) He talked a lot about things we can do to have better chapel attendance and just better everything haha. The coolest thing though was how much he referred to the general authorities. Like oh this apostle said this or this apostle did this it was super cool. One thing he shared in priesthood was that an apostle said in the first vision Jesus said to Joseph Smith “They draw near to me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.” Referring to the other churches, but now the Lord has revealed that this is referring to Melchizedek priesthood holders. That we can say and do a lot of things but we need to do them from the heart and be really converted to what we do. Overall it was super cool and i learned a lot.

Yea she’s Desiree. The water was nasty for one and there was like 10 people there. Not what we hoped but it was great. Baptisms are always awesome you can feel the spirit and she was super happy. Even with cold green water haha. 

M: I am glad that the baptism happened and she looks really happy. I am hopeful for her and I hope that her family will support her as well as the ward. I think it is great that the attendance in church is up to 70, from 50. That's great improvement and something that I have been praying for. Dad always says that we have to celebrate the little successes and adding 20 more to church attendance is great!

EP: Ya we are hoping too. This week was 60 haha so down a bit and about 10 of them were from the stake not even part of the ward but we will see. We want to have an activity to hopefully help. We want to do a family home evening bon fire haha. 

M: Is that why president was at your place this week. Hermana Egbert sent me the picture of you and president and your companion. Are you wearing your contacts again? Why does that rule suck, do you think you would have done more? A family home evening would be fun and a non-threatening way to get people out.

EP: no he went to the ward kind of close and they came by to drop off that stuff for us. Yes I am wearing contacts because i like them better. It’s hard with glasses and rain haha. I would like to baptize all my investigators haha. Ya just a short message and then just having everyone come and hang out have fun play games charades or stuff like that. i have been thinking about that too, inviting everyone to read the book of Mormon but we will see. i gtg love you guys talk to you in a week. have a great week. 


Elder Park

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