Monday, September 15, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 44 - September 15, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

hey mom i know, it feels like we haven’t talked in a while but today is a little more mellow. sounds good about everything at home. This week was good and bad. The activity went great it was super cool and a bunch of people came but then no one came to church. Literally we had less than 50 people come. It was just like what is going on but life goes on. Gotta keep working and hope more people come next week. 

M: Well son, sometimes it is easier for people to come to the activities, church is still little bit scary, baby steps. Activities and then one day they will come to church. Keep working and inviting them and they will make the change. What did you make for the party?

EP: I made broken glass jello. green white and red 

M: The picture of you and the boy is too cute! I'm glad you found the jello. Looks like it was pretty good at least there seemed to be nothing left. How are your investigators other than they don't come to church?

EP: investigators are pretty good other than they don’t come to church. This week we met a new investigator named Armando and his grandma. They are really cool and could progress fairly quickly. Armando has a lot of problems at school. His grandma is really worried about him because he’s just a little rebellious and stuff but he’s a good kid. He has had a lot of family problems and now he’s just a little lost. We talked to him a lot and he came with us to the activity on Friday. He liked it i think and has opened up to us but didn’t come to church on Sunday because apparently he had a lot of homework. We also brought a kid with us to church on Sunday. He’s the cousin of some members and so we went to pick him up to go to church. I was playing with him and was like hey you wana go to church tomorrow and he was like ya. Then i said awesome we will pick you up at 930 and he was like aw that’s pretty early. I told him we were gonna come and if he was still sleeping i would punch him and wake him up (just playing of course) and then the next morning he came with us bright and early. His cousins said he was like o man i gotta get up or the elder is gonna punch me haha. he’s super cool and we will see what happens. He really likes church even though he was basically the only one in primary and says he wants to go again this Sunday.

M: Seems like there is a lot of work to do out there. I am glad that you are finding people. We will keep praying that they will not only listen to your messages, but that they will feel an overwhelming desire to go to church on Sunday. So how old are these kids, Armando and the other boy? Is it common for you guys to teach so many young ones?

EP: Armando is like 13 and the other boy is like 9. before i didn’t teach a lot of younger people but here i am. mostly like teenagers who have family that are members. 

gotta go talk to you in a week love you guys

Elder Park

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