Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 42 - September 1, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)
no changes so me and my companion are gonna be staying here for at least one more cycle. investigators are going ok. we got a couple pretty good ones but the biggest challenge is getting them to church. we found some new people. haha the people that cut our hair this Monday and the people that sold my comp his new shoes haha. we taught them a couple times and we will see if they can progress. but my companion isn’t the only one who needs new shoes haha. 

M: That's great, that means that you are talking to people no matter what!
Okay, so do you want us to order you the same shoes from Mr. Macs, I think they have a record of the shoe and size. Can you wait a couple weeks to a month?
Are you good with another cycle in the same area?
Why is it hard to get people to come to church?

EP: haha no I’m just gonna buy shoes here don’t worry about it. i think I’m still gonna work in these while I’m here in Xico and buy a nice pair of shoes to go to church. 
I’m good with another cycle here. i really like it a lot.
I don’t know they just don’t show up. we ask them if they’re gonna come and they’re like ya and then they don’t. We go to their houses in the morning and they don’t answer or they say they can’t and its just like ugh.

M: Are their decent shoes there? Will they last?

EP: haha ya i will get some good shoes here. the ones i got from home didn’t last very long either.

M: A story please!

EP: um story. well i guess something really cool is you never know who could be interested in listening to the gospel. like i said the new people we found were the ladies that cut our hair and sold us the shoes. when we were cutting our hair we were just talking: like who we are, what we do and all that good stuff. I really didn’t think much of it but when we went back they told us we could come in and talk to them. Then one of the ladies was like ya i don’t know why but when you guys were talking i just was interested. Normally with this kind of stuff I don’t really like to talk about religion but i was interested when you told us what you do. Then after church Sunday we were walking home and a little boy whose mom works next door to us asked us where we went. We said church and i was just like you wana come with us one time and he was like ya. I was like wow ok we will talk to your mom this week and see what we can do. It’s crazy how people notice us sometimes and that we really are different and that can open doors to share the gospel. so i would say share the gospel with everyone, you never know who might be interested. oh also we went to talk with the people that sold us the shoes and they were super cool. then that night when we were walking home we saw one of them outside a bar with her sister and she called us over and was like hey remember me. we talked a little and she was like oh this is my sister she works here go and visit her too one day. so it was a pretty cool week. 

M: Very cool son, thank you for that. It just means that the Lord is preparing people that you will meet to want to hear the gospel. There is still plenty of work for you to do in that area and so another blessing that you get to stay and tend to the seeds that have been planted. How is the little girl who wanted to be baptized coming along?

EP: she’s good she wants to but her dad is kinda against it still but he’s going to Cancun so we will see what happens. haha we haven’t seen them in a while but we definitely gotta go back soon. 
you guys gotta listen to this music it’s a cd called "the work: a Nashville tribute to missionaries" its pretty good and it has some super cool songs haha. i gotta go talk to you guys in a week love you

Elder Park

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