Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 45 - September 22, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

I think the story this week was just i had divisions with another elder elder Ellis and they went super good. We had some super good lessons but the most important was that we got Desiree ready to get baptized. She’s gonna get baptized this Friday as long as there aren’t any last minute problems. We’re praying that there isn’t. Also we had a lesson with Faustino and it was weird. We had a good lesson but he was like super reluctant to get baptized. We didn’t really know why but he’s been that way for like a week or so now. So i have been thinking about it a lot. I don’t know why but i had a feeling it was his family. When i talked to his aunty who is a member she told me that his other family has been telling him some things about the Mormon Church like when Mormons die they take out your eyes and weird stuff like that. I have no idea how they got that idea but were just gonna talk to his brother really good and hopefully clear up any problems. I think with more support from his family he can also get baptized really soon. 

M: Very cool son, the work is progressing. Who are these two investigators, did you tell me about them before?

EP: Desiree is the little girl i think i told you about her not sure. And the other is Faustino, his aunty is a member and he goes to church with her now. Ya things are going pretty good.

M: Nope I don't think you told me about Desiree, unless she is the one that her older siblings go to church and her dad was kind of against it?!?!

Sometimes people say things about the church because they don't understand. It's easier to try to make us look crazy than to try to understand what the gospel is really about. You just have to have a one on one with him and tell him to put everything on the table, all his fears and doubts and try to answer them as best as you can. Then encourage him to pray about it and see what he gets and how he feels. It will be nice for you to have a baptism before you leave that area. But planting is always good too.

 How are the hair stylists and shoe people coming along? And the little boy and his grandmother?

EP: ya that’s Desiree haha. Hair people haha ya we don’t talk to them any more. Shoe people don’t work there any more so we haven’t found them and the boy and grandma are doing good. The boy came to church this Sunday so that was awesome. The picture of the girl with cake on her face is an investigator. Her family is super cool. She has 3 sisters. Two are members and her and her other sister aren’t. The two sisters that aren’t members had birthdays this week so we ate good haha. It’s like tradition here that after you blow out the candles you have to bite you’re cake but if you aren’t fast enough someone shoves your face in it. It’s awesome. Tell ty and all the kids that when i get home we’re starting that tradition. 

M: So are you teaching both sisters? That seems like a large family, are there parents? Do they all live in the same house? It is very kind of them to feed you guys. Is anyone ever fast enough to not get their face slammed into the cake? I'm sure if you started that here your uncles would some how make it very dangerous!

EP: were teaching both sisters and the mom kinda and their cousin. It’s a little harder cause they know everything already so were focusing on the book of Mormon and reading with them. ya they all live in the same house. Haha all the parties I’ve seen have ended with cake in the face. It’s the best part of the party though.

M: It's good that you are teaching the families. If they know everything, what is stopping them from baptism?

EP: the biggest thing is that their sisters are members and they know a lot of the problems in the ward. They know how the members act. They also say they have a different church but i don’t think that’s super true. They don’t even go to the other church or anything i don’t know i think i might just have to be really direct with them and find out what the real problem is. 

M: Yes, sometimes trying to get to the root helps and honesty is the best way. I would also remind them that the gospel is true and perfect, unfortunately sometimes we as members are not. We have faults and make wrong choices but that's why we are here on earth, to learn and grow and become better.

EP: yeah we’ve talked about that a lot. Haha its ok but ya i think were gonna go but i will talk to you in a week. Love you guys. 

Elder Park

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