Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 41 - August 25, 2014

Excerpts from his email

Work is going ok we have been working super hard and are finally seeing some fruits. we went to contact a reference this week and he asked us in the lesson what he needs to do to get baptized. that is like the question every missionary in the world would kill to hear. it was awesome. there's also the little 8 year old girl who wants to get baptized we just have to talk to her dad. he's kinda not super convinced the mom is fine with it. we also went with a sister and her husband isn't a member and taught him a couple times. he can also progress well i think. ya time is flying by its crazy.

About the new requirements in seminary, maybe you and dad can read with him every day a little bit, thats a big thing in the mission right now, we are encouraging every one to read the book of mormon from cover to cover and better if they can do it as a family. so if you guys have time, 5 minutes every day at the same time to just do it and get it done. i had a pretty crazy talk last night with a member about spirits and special spirits from what prez told me that one time. 

M: So what was this talk about, I am intrigued.

EP: ok so we talked to a sister and she was talking about the different elders that have been in the area. she has two ¨sons¨ who were like her kids and call her mom and everything. but she was talking about how they were really special elders and one especially had a really special spirit. she said it was like a force field. he just had a bubble and the spirit was with him in this bubble and you could see and feel it. his name was elder kirk. she said another elder who was here a little while ago elder segura had it too. she said its something she hasn't seen or felt often but she said when i came for the first time and met her son in law (he got baptized by elder kirk) that when i left he said that i had the same spirit as elder kirk. she said its a spirit of light or something like that and in a church magazine someone who worked in the mexico city airport who went to receive president hinckley wrote an article once. she said all the workers in the airport called president hinckley the man who glowed cause he just had a light around him. she said one day when i went to her house with elder segura that we were both like shining. idk it was weird but it made me think a lot about what president told me that one day. this sister is super cool though. she reminds me a lot of grandma kitashima haha. 

M: That's pretty cool and intense and it comes with a certain responsibility.  I think that it's also pretty cool that she would reference President Hinkley and his light. So this Elder Segura is in your mission now? and why does this sister remind you of grandma?

EP: Elder Segura is one of my leaders and he was here in xico like 6 months ago. 

Just how they talk. she knows a lot and they are about the same age idk haha.

M: Well son, it sounds like you are doing well.  We are happy to be a part of this journey with you.  Know that we love you and that we pray for you always.  Enjoy your time in Mexico son, your time serving the Lord 24/7. It should be two years that bring you so much, including knowledge, strength, courage and happiness.  

EP: ya i'm loving it already making plans to come back haha. love you guys i'll talk to you in a week. have a great week. 

Elder Park

Pictures from Tulancingo Zone Conference

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