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Mexico Pachuca - Week 37 - July 28, 2014

Excerpts from his email)

I’m doing good. I’m in an area called Xicotepec. I thought i was in the boonies before now I’m seriously in the boonies. We left the state of Hidalgo and are now in the state of Puebla. It’s the area that connects the mission Mexico Pachuca with the mission Mexico Puebla. We had to take two busses and took like 3 hours to get out here. Its way hotter here than in Pachuca. It’s a lot like home actually. Humid and jungly. There’s lehua trees, macadamia nuts, the loads of banana trees, its very similar to home but at the same time not even close. The work is ok here I’m excited for my time here and hope to kind of revive the area a bit. There’s a lot of work for us to do. 

M: Wow, son, boonie land for you for a little while. So how's the housing, hot water? So are you in the district that just has one companionship. How's your companion, tell us a little about him. Did you get more responsibilities? At least you can still email!

EP: Housing is ok. Starting the week was bad. I got here and the elders paid the electricity late so they cut our power. They didn’t buy gas so we didn’t have hot water for the first couple days but we got everything fixed and right now things are good. No I’m not in that district but the rest of our district is in like the neighboring town an hour away. Every Wednesday we have to take like an hour bus ride to get to district class. My companion is from Poza Rica like an hour from here haha. We take the bus from Pachuca that goes to his house we just get off before we get out there. He’s a great guy he’s working really hard and trying really hard right now. I am senior companion so yes a little bit but not too different. 

M: So you guys stopped at his house before you got to the area that you are assigned? What is your companion's name; I will add that picture from the mission blog. How long has he been out? How is it that he is serving so close to home? That's pretty interesting. Are you in the same ward as his family, probably in the same stake?

EP: No the bus we take goes to his house but we get off in our area a little before we actually get to his house. His name is Elder De La Cruz. He’s been out for a little over a year. There’s a bunch of people that are serving in this mission and it’s the mission right next to where they live its weird. They can take a bus home after the mission or they could actually visit home on p-day. No were not in the same stake this is the last ward in this stake, once you go farther it changes stakes and missions. 

M: Are you teaching anyone in your new area? What do you guys do fro P-day since you are so far from others?

EP: We are teaching some people right now the one that’s closest is Isidro. He’s 18 and knows everything the problem is his family doesn’t want him to get baptized so we will see what happens. Today we played soccer with some young men in the ward it was good but super hot. 

M: What are his family’s objections to the gospel, are they catholic?

 How is the ward, just like home? Is it a ward or branch?

EP: Ya they just don’t want him to change religions. 

It’s a ward but its super small. The sacrament room has like foldable chairs that they have to set up every week. And this week only like 70 people came to church. It’s a small small ward. 

M: Then you must teach the family together I guess! The Lord will guide you and him as you do His will and practice perfect obedience. That is a very small ward, but like you said, plenty of work to do. 
How big is the area, are you still walking a lot, hills? or more flat. Are you emailing from the chapel again? I was kind of worried you might not have internet.

EP: Haha no i don’t think so. The family is like so against it they almost burned his Book of Mormon and apparently wants to beat us up. Ya he’s gonna get baptized sooner or later he knows everything he needs to but it’s something really hard. Its not an easy situation. 

Its big, but not as hilly as where i was but there are hills. nah we have internet here its like a town but its just really far from Pachuca. It’s a pretty touristy town its one of a few towns that are called pueblos magicos. its like magic towns or something haha 

M: Please be careful and listen to the spirit to keep you safe and to turn hearts.

So now you have to explain the Pueblo Magico, why are they called magic towns?

EP: Ya we’ll be fine mom don’t worry about it. 

Like all the towns that are more touristy and have something special are called pueblo magicos which means like magic town. i don’t know what this town has but its a pueblo magico. 

M: So if I googled your area I might learn a little more is what you are telling me. I'm sure Mexico has a rich history of stories and tales, I just didn't realize that there were towns that had to do with magic, very interesting.

EP: Ya you can probably find it haha. no i don’t think they have anything to do with magic its just what they call all these towns. 

M: Is there a big statue of some virgin? That's the picture that is coming up on the google search.

EP: haha ya, a giant one! love you guys, thank you for everything. 

Elder Park

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