Monday, August 11, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 39 - August 11, 2014

Excerpts from his email

hey mom hurricane scare that sucks. the weather here has been pretty crazy too. its hot and then it starts to pour and then it gets super humid so its weird. glad to hear you guys are ok though. this week was really good. the standards are to teach 40 lessons and we were working super hard and taught 43. it was a long tiring week but a good one. we had a couple more people come to church but well see what happens haha. story for the week. we went to go teach a lesson and it was super hot and then when we left the house it was pouring. like crazy pouring so we went to a store and bought trash bags to cover ourselves haha. then as we were walking a huge lightning bolt like flashed right above us and thunder insanely loud my companion just like booked it for the side of the street under a house and was like freaking out 

M: I guess your area is really just like home, hot and humid and then the rain comes. I am going to guess that the rain does not pour like it seems to over there, but it must remind you of home. What a wonderful accomplishment to teach all those lessons and to know that even though you were tired and it made for long days and probably a lot of praying, it was worth it and then to have people come to church, that's the icing on the cake! So how is the young man with the non-willing family doing, still teaching him? Do you guys have the same less active initiative as Keapo’s mission?

 EP: we had like three people come to church but the important ones we were waiting for didn’t haha so that kinda sucked. He’s working out of town right now so he leaves like Monday and comes back Sundays. We just saw him today but we haven’t been able to talk to him good. every week we try to have at least 25 lessons with investigators and 15 with less actives, that has always been the case so i don’t think so. i think its only over there but a lot of times where there are less active families there are some people who haven’t been baptized too. 

M: How are things in your area, your companion, your house? We see that there seems to be problems with some of the homes and water damage and stuff.

EP: everything is going ok. area is good the weather is a little funky but good. companion were still working on some things but good. house is good no damage but it always smells funky i don’t know what more we can do. we wash everything with bleach and super smelly soap we have air fresheners but it always just smells weird. 

M: So do you still keep in touch with your other missionary friends, Percy, Chris, anyone else? 

EP: Chris yes Percy not so much but my old companions most of them. its pretty cool i gotta take a tour of Mexico and visit all my companions that i like haha and maybe a side trip to Columbia. 

M: That's neat that you still talk with all your old companions. Transfer days must be fun to see everyone again. It is good that you are making life long friends. Was it your first companion that was from Colombia or the one before this one?

EP: transfer days are awesome seeing them is great but ya they’re gonna start leaving soon. my first district leader goes home september. my dad and my last companion go home the next cycle in November. Martinez in January. and then Hernandez and Contreras in march. my first companion and the one right before this one are both from Columbia. 

Elder Park

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