Monday, August 11, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 38 - August 4, 2014

Excerpts from his email

hey mom i am doing good. its not easy haha but I’m good. The weather here has been up and down. at times super hot especially going around every where on bikes and then pouring rain like crazy. There’s major thunder and lightning here because were in the desert. they told us a police officer just died like a week ago cause he got struck by lightning. pretty crazy stuff the lightning and thunder scare me here haha. so yes life is short that has been a theme here too. were working really hard and its not easy but we need to find people to teach haha something i struggle with just talking to people on the street knocking on doors all that good stuff haha not my favorite but something i gotta do. 

M: Well son, what have I always told you boys about things that are hard, that's when we grow the most. So put yourself in the back seat and go forth as a representative of the Lord. As you keep knocking and talking to people, it will get easier. It may not ever be something you are totally comfortable with, I know to this day I don't like talking to people I don't know either or doing ice breakers or group work, but it is part of life today. So just go and do it! So how is the lightning and thunder there different?

EP: its just a lot bigger and louder and it kills people here. o also i was reading the book of Mormon again and i was reading the part where Lehi is blessing his sons and there are parts when he is blessing Jacob and some of the things he says is really similar to my blessing. like 2 Nephi 2 :2 i was like wow that’s pretty cool. so Jacob might be my new favorite book of Mormon person. So this area that I am in isn’t the most country part i have been in. in Tepa (second area) it was more country and fields and stuff but this is the farthest part i have been in. the food so far has been normal nothing crazy. i did eat chicken mollejas i have no idea what that is but its not normal chicken meat haha. ya we ride bikes in this area and o man its so hot riding the bikes it kind of sucks and my bike is like broken haha. 

M: Well I guess you could always decide to walk, can you walk or is the area to big? Do the families still feed you everyday?

EP: the area is pretty big and going on bikes we get around way faster. ya we eat with families every day. 

M: So I need something for the blog please, story of some kind?

EP: um the dude that got struck by lightning is a pretty crazy story idk i feel like nothing good happened this week haha. we talked to the loads of people taught the restoration a bunch of times and invited a bunch of people to get baptized and no one went to church so we worked super hard and now we gotta start from 0 again. Definitely a learning experience. haha also the Simpsons is super popular here and a i bought a shirt haha. we played soccer again today in the burning sun but it was really fun. 

M: The guy who got killed by lightning, was it streak lightning and was he walking around or in a vehicle? Is this weather normal for that area? How are you and your companion doing?

EP: he was a police officer. he went under a tree to get cover from the rain and apparently the tree and his radio both attracted the lightning and ya. the storms apparently aren’t that bad yet. its gonna rain more and get worse apparently. We are doing ok definitely got some quirks but were ok. i am learning and loving haha. ya i bought a Simpsons shirt. i never watched it at home but like every one loves it here. ya its crazy like its blazing hot in the afternoon then a couple hours later its pouring like rivers in the streets pouring. ya definitely an attitude love everyone kinda thing. not just him everyone here. haha. thank you for the prayers and support its a lot. i am seriously blessed to have you guys. my companion doesn’t have a lot of support from home and that makes it harder. his parents don’t know how to use the computer so he only talks to them Christmas and mothers day. 

M: well son, I am grateful that we can be of support to you and that you are seeing the world with different eyes. It is not all the same for everyone and so understanding how things are different can help you to be more accepting of others and their situation.

EP: yes i need to be more loving try and see things from his point of view and just love him. i definitely need to get better but talking to you guys kinda helps me see that and be more patient haha. but i will talk to you guys in a week love you guys. if you have time president told us to read the talk atonement and the journey of mortality by elder Bednar. i liked it a lot it was really cool. 

Elder Park

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