Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 36 - July 21, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Hey mom how’s everything going. Hope everything’s good in Vegas. Just some things i want to share. i was reading Lehi’s dream in 1 Nephi 8 and verse 12 says after he tried the fruit he was filled with joy and wanted his whole family to partake of the fruit as well. I was thinking about my patriarchal blessing and what dad said about being family of Nephi and Lehi and how i am teaching family here. It was cool haha. I do have changes tomorrow so i will be some where else after tomorrow. 

M: Yes, I remember that from your blessing, I wondered if it meant you would be teaching our ancestors or if it's more figuratively and it's because you are from the same lineage. But, whatever it may be, it's still family in some way and I know you have caught the feelings and desires Lehi had where he wanted so badly for his family to partake. It is pretty cool.

So how's about a mission story! What are you taking away from this area since you will be transferring?

EP: I am taking away a lot of amazing memories. I feel like in this area I was able to help a lot of people make a lot of changes. Mainly in Jorge and Amaya our last two baptisms. They are amazing. We continue to talk to Hermana Martha the wife of Jorge and the way he has changed his life is amazing. remind me to tell you guys about it when i get home cause its a kind of long story but its amazing sad and a little weird but amazing. Amaya also has changed a lot. She has some kind of mental problems so she kind of struggles a little bit but she has changed alot. Yesterday in church she got up in front of the gospel doctrine class and shared her ideas with the class i was like wow. When we first met her she barely talked to us and she would always get so nervous. She would shake when we asked her to read a verse of the book of Mormon but she is amazing. She goes to church on her own and loves it. a couple weeks ago on fast Sunday we visited her after and she was like wow it was super cool today i would like to go up there and share my testimony too one day. I was like wow the gospel really does and will change our lives when we let it. 

M: That's great son. It is good that you see the changes in the people you teach and know for sure that you were sent there for these two in particular. I'm sure each one will hold special memories for you and a special place in your heart. So are you excited about changes, I'm anxious to know where and what comes with it.

EP: idk kinda and kinda no. changes kinda suck haha. New place, new ward, new companion everything is new you gotta start all over again but its ok. 

M: Yes new things can be hard. Well son, you sound good. That's always a good thing for me. I think I am really beginning to understand that things out there are not easy, but so worth it when you see people truly change and find happiness. Please know how much we love you and pray for you always. No matter what comes, The Lord knows what's best for us so we go with faith.

EP: haha yes definitely not easy but awesome. Thank you for everything you guys do for me too. I also realize how amazing you guys have always been for me. Other missionaries have it so much harder than i do. Thank you for everything you do and always have done for me. I love you guys. 

Elder Park

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