Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 28 - May 26, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

 Hey mom I’m doing great. Things at home sound great i kind of miss basketball and everything but I’m doing good. Things are a little harder but it’s good I’m learning and it’s still been great. this week we had a crazy experience. We went t a house because a member told us that a girl there has an evil spirit in her. So we went and blessed the house and blessed the girl. She was worshipping and praying t the Santa Muerte and so we took her little statues and stuff and now they are in our house haha. My companion had a super bad dream like the first night we had it. it was crazy 

M: That is not a fun experience. Did you feel the spirit leave the house? Why did you keep the stuff and not just dispose of it? How old was the girl and is she better?

 EP: O it was crazy. When we got there it was just like super warm like outside was cold but this room was almost hot and there was like a pressure. Just like pushing on my chest but we prayed and stuff and it changed a lot. I think you don’t realize the spirit until there’s something else there because it got cooler more comfortable and peaceful. My companion doesn’t know if we just like toss the stuff if it will go back to the girl or hurt the girl or something so were trying to find something to do with it. The girl is like 22 or something and ya she’s better but still super weird. We were like talking to her and she doesn’t ever smile and she was like i remember the missionaries talking about being submerged in water. And we were like baptism. And she was like ya i want that i want to do that and we were like um ok awesome. It was just really weird. 

 M: I would ask a priesthood authority what to do with the items, maybe President or the Bishop of the ward. I would also see that she get a blessing of comfort and healing, her soul cannot be at peace after an experience like that. I don’t know, i am just guessing, but I think she is looking for peace and just doesn’t know how to find it. Be careful with that stuff, guard yourselves from it and find out sooner than later what to do with it, not good to have in your home.

 So did you have another baptism this week?

 And the tie? Who was it from?

 EP: The family said they were gonna come get them and put them in a cemetery but I’m not sure. 

 No, no baptism this week the next one is probably June 14. 

 The tie is from the bishop’s wife. 

 M: The last bishop’s wife? Ty is jealous, he wants one.

 Who is getting baptized in June, the lady that fell into your lap?

 EP: Yes, the last Bishiop’s wife. Its super cool i want to learn how to make them, she knits them. 

 Ya, her i invited her to be baptized and i was so nervous she was gonna say no haha. 

President Egbert attended Sacrament Meeting with Elder Park and his companion. 
The tie Elder Park is wearing is a gift from the last Bishop’s wife. 

 Elder Park

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