Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 27 - MAy 19, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

 The week was great, long and different but good. Elder Walker a member of the 70s came and talked to us so we had conferences all day Thursday which was great but exhausting. Saturday we had an awesome baptism and confirmations Sunday. Sunday we got another gift from God. So this Sunday a woman came to church on her own. some how she got a book of Mormon i don’t know how but she’s been reading a chapter every day for the past month and she has questions and is interested in the church so Sunday morning she came to the ward and the bishop introduced her to us. It was super cool 

Elder Parkʻs Zone Pachuca Centro with Elder and Sister Walker and President and Sister Egbert
 Maria del Carmenʻs Baptism May 17, 2014

M: Wow, that's great, you get to be taught by a Seventy and then you have a great baptism and then the next one falls in your lap, literally! That's fabulous! The work is picking up and you are doing a great work. So do you have a lesson time set up for her? What is her name? What else happened that made it a great week?

 EP: Ya we have a lesson with her this Saturday because she is really busy with work so she cant meet with us often. Her name is America haha. Just learning from a 70 was cool and his wife and president and his wife like all talked and it was just a cool experience and then of course the baptism went perfect. 

M: I saw a picture of you and some other elderʻs including your companion from the MTC, is he in your zone? Or you guys just met up cause of the conference?

EP: O ya no it was just a special conference with elder walker. Three zones went and so his zone went with mine. He’s close though i saw him again today. He’s in Nuevo Hidalgo my first area haha. Also it hailed this Monday night. It was crazy 

 M: I heard, Sis Egbert was saying how the mission home flooded just before your guest arrived! So how big was the hail, pebbles or golf ball size? So how's your area, is it getting better, getting use to the ward, your companion?

 EP: No like pebbles but it was a different experience i got some pictures i will try to send soon. Ya I’m getting used to everything things are going ok different but good. In the ward there is a lot of older people only like 5 or 6 young men and the same for young women i think. theres about 100 people there every week. the bishop is really cool though. 

M: Do you still get fed everyday?

EP: ya we get fed every day its all good. i gotta go let me know how the job stuff went love you guys!

Bernardoʻs Baptism May 10, 2014
Elder Park

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