Monday, May 12, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 26 - May 12, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

The Bernardo hospital story was the story of the week. So Tuesday we went to Bernardo’s house for a lesson and he wasn’t there and his aunty said he went to the hospital so we were like freaking out, like no way this cant be happening. his mom came and was telling us what happened and started crying and it was super sad but Wednesday morning we went to go give him a blessing. he was on a floor in the hospital where they don’t allow visitors but a member was in the hospital all last year in rehab so he knows like everyone there so we snuck in with him breaking like all the rules and got to give Bernardo a blessing. Thursday he came home Friday he had his interview and Saturday he got baptized. it really was amazing and a miracle he recovered so fast and was able to get baptized this week but it was awesome.

 M: Yes that is incredible and a miracle for sure. Don’t you have another baptism coming up?

EP: Maria del Carmen. she is like golden. the missionaries visited her 15 years ago but her parents told her she couldn’t meet with them but she’s been like following the church watching conferences and stuff since then and in April she went to the chapel where the institute is and asked how she could join the church. she is seriously like amazing she knows like everything and is like ok sounds great so I’m gonna get baptized this week what do i need. she is like the definition of a golden investigator. 

 M: So how was the sushi?

EP: It was like a Mexican sushi place but it had like all the normal stuff. miso soup, spicy ahi, sashimi, it was pretty good not like home but it was ok. we just went to Wal mart but we didn’t know it would take so long. we left at like 11 but the combi to get there took like an hour so we just didn’t have time this morning. but where wal mart is it’s kind of like a strip mall and i got a krispy kreme donut that was super good haha. 

 M: Other than that you good?

 EP: Ya I’m good mom everything is going good right now

We were able to talk to Elder Park on Mother’s day and he shared this story. His mission president had promised a general authority that in the month of May every companionship would have two baptisms. In what Elder Park has shared this week, he and his companion already had their first baptism and will have their second one this week, attaining that goal. He shared that in his old district, one of the sister companionships was really having a difficult time finding people to teach. In their mission the rule is that prospective members need to attend church five times before getting baptized. They were in the last week of April and had not found anyone to teach, pretty much solidifying them not making the baptismal number. The Lord however knew their needs and they met a family that has been prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel and they will be baptized in May. Elder Park shared that this truly was a miracle and the Lord knew what these sisters needed. This is the type of miracles that come when missionaries practice perfect obedience. He sends his love and gratitude for the prayers and thoughts, emails and boxes that are sent his way. He is good and he is truly enjoying his time in Mexico.

 Elder Park

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