Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 24 - April 28, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Transfers are tomorrow and i have changes. It sucks it’s so hard to pack up all my crap and stuff it into the bags haha. We didn’t do Mormon helping hands i think they have done it before but no we didn’t do anything last week. Investigators are doing good. Ismael is doing good and he looks good to get baptized this week or the next. He went to the temple with the Ward and his girlfriend said he really liked it. Luz Elena, Cytlali, and Nayeli the other girls we haven’t seen them much because of vacations. They all went to Mexico City for the week so we didn’t have a chance to talk to them but they should also get baptized soon. 

M: How was the ward temple trip, did all those people go, it must have been a wonderful trip for all of them.

EP: Yes a lot of people went i actually have a story about that my great success of the week haha. So they left Friday night at like 8 to go the temple Saturday. There’s a family of recent converts they got baptized like a year ago and the dad doesn’t always go because he Works far away and hasn’t gone to church in a while. I think that’s affecting his son because his oldest son Chucho just turned 18 but stopped going to church. Anyways his brother Joaquin was going to go to the temple but Chucho no because he didn’t want to so Friday after lunch we went over to his house and talked to him. Me and my companion didn’t read any scriptures or anything just bore our testimonies about the church and the temple and asked him to pray about if he should go or not. He did and we left the house with him still being unsure about it. Later that night we saw his dad and he told us that Chucho had decided to go. We felt super good about that and Sunday morning his whole family including the dad was there in church early. Joaquin said the temple helped Chucho a lot and he was a lot more animated and excited about the church now so that was awesome 

     M: What an amazing story. Sometime it takes others testimonies to help us find and understand our own. It also is reality that as parents, we have such an important job to be examples to our children and that even when the decision is kind of out of our hands, like this dad having to work, it affects the child, especially when the conversion to the church is not so strong. I would guess however that with you all being around the same age, your testimonies helped him to at least think about it and then the spirit did the rest. Very cool. Can I ask what you shared with him?

     EP: Ya i felt super good after that like i actually helped him. Before the prayer i shared about how before i left on the mission that i got to go to the temple with the Ward and do the baptisms and how awesome that was for me. How he can receive the Melchizedek priesthood and do that next time they go. And then after the prayer i just shared about getting answers to our prayers. How i got my answer to go on my mission from a prayer and we need to pray and then listen because we will get the answers heavenly father knows we need. Not always what we want but what we need and we just need to trust in them. 

M: So, knowing that you are leaving this area and that it was pretty much your first one. What are some of the things that you learned there or memories that you will take from this area?

EP: I learned a lot here Spanish for one haha. I have a lot of memories the Ward more than anything. Playing soccer a lot. The weird food. I ate tacos with like the weird gross red part on the roosters head this week. It was not my favorite. idk i feel like i learned everything about the mission here. The ups and downs. What are you looking for haha? 

     M: Nothing in particular, but the examples below are good. The food experiences are good, you have had some interesting ones. I guess if later you look back on this area, what will you remember most is what I was looking for.
     EP: The Ward definitely. The bishop’s family haha. We spent a lot of time with them and they are all awesome. They all said i have to send them boxes of Candy and come back and visit. Haha Denise said she wanted me to go to her high school graduation next year. I gotta go but i will talk to you next week and let you know where i am and all that good stuff. Love you guys have a good week 

Elder Park

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