Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 25 - May 5, 2014

 (Excerpts from his email)

M: So, I saw your picture on the blog with your new companion, looks like another local for you. Tell me about him, how are things? Looks like your hair is getting long. Did you get the box?

Elder Park and Elder Contreras
EP: Yes he’s from Sinaloa Mexico and he’s good. I just cut my hair today and i got your box but not aunty Abby’s. In the box was my two jeans the buzzer candy and the hole punchers and the talks. I am now in Pachuca Centro where the big clock thing is. Its been a good week very different but good. The area is completely different. From the boonies to the center of like everything and its all hills. Its brutal walking up and down up and down all day long. 

M: So you are kind of back where you started. So how is it different and what was good?

EP: I am very close to where i started and its funny we went to contact an investigator that they stopped visiting and i was the one who met him first. He has a friend in Nuevo hidalgo where i was and he lives in this ward. It was really weird but cool. The area is just city and hills so its different but its good i like it and we have some amazing investigators haha. 

M: So do you have hot water? In relation to your other companions, how is the language, you guys understand each other pretty good? How long has he been out? Who are you teaching?

EP: I do have hot water the first day no and i almost cried but i do now and our apartment is actually super nice. Yeah i understand pretty good. He has a little over a year. This week we have a baptism!!! WOOOO!!! But seriously its like the best but most heartbreaking story ever. So this week we are baptizing a boy named Bernardo. His mom is less active and has been for like 20 years. Well she has some kind of sickness i think cancer and its not very good. She cant leave at night cause its too cold and like is just really weak. Well her son is 9 and he wants to join the church of his mom before she passes. So the whole family him, his mom, and older sister are reactivating and are really exciting. And he is going to get baptized on mother’s day as a gift for his mom. The family is amazing and the mom is like one of the nicest people in the world. We fasted especially for her this week. 

M: How’s your district, still with sisters or only elders?

EP: District is only me my companion and 3 sisters. Hermana Bermeo, Cardona, and Parker. Don’t know them well yet but i will let you know and try to send pictures when i have some.

Hermanas Cardona, Parker and Bermeo
M: So what else is going on with you? What do you think about the Nala story?!?!?!?

EP: I have to go but i will tell you more stories next week sorry we have like a bunch of appointments today but i got some good ones but you just gotta wait for next week sorry. 

Nala story is crazy. I was really scared when i read the first part i thought she was really lost for good but just tell everyone thank you for everything and for going up there to look for her. I really appreciate that everyone just dropped what they were doing and went looking for her. I hope she’s ok and I’m glad she’s getting better but obviously not good enough yet. Tell them sorry and thank you for everything. 

I got emails from the bishops family today and its so sad haha they said its like different now and the whole ward was asking for me and stuff which is weird cause i wasn’t there for very long. My old companion said in all the lessons the people ask about me and what not and his new companion thinks he’s doing things wrong but i will talk to you later, love you! 

Elder Park

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