Monday, March 31, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week #20 - March 31, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Q: Well son, tell me how things are going in the mission. Can you believe its been six months already? One quarter of your mission done. What have you learned, what has been most eye opening for you thus far? How would you describe these first six months? What are you most looking forward to in the next six months?
A: Yes the time really has been flying by i can’t believe that 6 months is gone already. What have i learned? I think i told you last time the things that i have learned more than anything is what really matters and what i should focus on in life. These first 6 months were hard, life changing, but amazing. I feel like i have learned and grown in so many different ways. In the next 6 months i am looking forward to working harder and taking on more responsibility and seeing more immediate results (baptisms). Lessons are going good we are finding more and more people to teach and it’s been good. I have learned i think that more than anything attitude makes the area and the mission. Yes this area is not easy but I had a better week this week than in my whole mission lesson wise (we had 40) and i think its all because of our attitude. So far Elder Martinez is my only companion who is new to the area my other two had some time in the areas when i got there and i think they kinda gave up. 

I also was thinking about what you said about my patriarchal blessing saying i wasn’t actually gonna baptize people and how Miguel and Belen were baptized right after i left. I also just found out two kids we were teaching got baptized. We taught them pretty much everything at their grandma’s house in our area but they live somewhere else. They got baptized though and we taught them pretty much everything. 
     M: Well son, like I told you, there are planters, waters and harvesters and maybe your main role right now is a planter and waterer. Just know that you played a part in many of these people coming to Christ, that's worth so much. One day you will harvest and it will be so sweet! I also agree that attitude is everything, in everything that we do, not just missionary work. So the two kids you taught in your current area? and Belen and Miguel were from the first area?
     EP: Yes their grandma is in our ward and Miguel and Belen was in my first area. 

Miguel and Belen with Elder Rincon (Elder Parkʻs first companion)

     M: That's very cool son, they look happy and isn't that the point of it all, happiness! That was very nice of your first companion to send you the pictures, know that you had a part in that and there will be others.

Q: You did share about your focus, that we need to focus on the gospel and family, those are most important. But tell me a little about your growth. You said that you have grown in so many ways, in what ways?
A: Just a lot of different changes I think. Being a missionary has been a huge change in everything. from simple things like washing clothes by hand, bathing in cold water everyday, cleaning the whole house with only a broom, a rag and soap, small things. and then other things like studying the scriptures everyday, teaching people, answering questions. Seeing the changes in peoples’ lives. how the gospel really can change lives and help people in so many different ways. i don’t know i just feel like these past 6 months has changed a lot. not everything, I feel the same but with more of an eternal perspective i guess you could say. 

Q: So who are you teaching, what are your best prospects? How's the soccer player(s)?
A: we have three girls with a date for April. they are doing really good and i hope nothing comes up. the soccer player Messi (Eric) came to church with us this Sunday and loved primary. the problem is he said his mom isn’t gonna let him get baptized so we gotta talk to her and see. hopefully he can be a good influence for his family. 

Elder Park

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