Monday, March 10, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 17 - March 10, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Q: How’s Darinel?
A: Darinel has a baptismal date for this week but I’m really scared its gonna fall through again. He finally told us his problem though, but unfortunately it doesn’t help us much haha. He said he just has a hard time changing. It’s his beliefs since he was a child and he just has a hard time thinking about letting all that go. So it’s a little difficult but we will work with him a lot this week. We had a really cool lesson with him though. I was reading a Liahona and i found a story that says an apostle was trying to solve a problem in his life and he got advice from President McKay. After that he wanted to follow the advice but he didn’t see how he could. A different apostle told him the problem with you is you want to see the beginning from the end. In response he said i would at least like to see a few steps in front. The apostle replied sometimes you need to learn to walk to the edge of the light and then take a few steps in darkness to find the light again. We read that with Darinel and Ether where it says we receive no answer until after the trial of our faith. He understood that really well so hopefully it will help. He said something super cool "no puedo ver para creer, tengo que creer para ver." Translated "I can’t see to believe; rather i have to believe to see." 

     M: I think you have given Darinel all that you can as far as help and guidance. Bear your testimony with all your heart and leave it to the Lord, you have done your part. The story you shared and the scriptures you shared are perfect and now, it's his faith he needs to lean on and the Lord to take the next step. What he expressed in the end is so true, he must believe to see! He knows son, we will pray extra hard this week for him!
     EP: So will we, haha hopefully this weekend works out.

Q: Story?
A: ok so this week we talked to our land lord lady about our boiler that’s been broken since December and she said to talk to one of the members about it to fix it. we talked to him and he came over and we showed him what was wrong and he was like o wow that’s really weird i don’t know why it does that. i was like awesome. but he worked on it like all day and i was really hopeful he would fix it but now its worse than before so it sucks large. i have resorted to putting water in the microwave to heat it up but when i did that this morning the electricity went out so ya cold water showers. 
     M: So it's been cold water showers this whole time!?!?! That is dedication, you will get so use to it you won't need hot water. Just imagine being in the cold ocean! Makes you truly appreciate what you have at home doesn't it? That's funny, probably not for you, but funny, you will laugh about it one day.        
     EP: Pretty much some days are better than others cuz our boiler is weird its starts but then dies so the water doesn’t get super hot. Definitely appreciate the little things of home more 

Q: So son, you are good, all is well?
A: yes I’m good and all is well with me. 
     M: That's good, that you are good. When I do see pictures of you, you look genuinely happy and I don't question that any more. Can you believe that it has been just about 6 months already? What a wonderful experience this is for you and us as we journey with you.
     EP: I know almost a quarter done and time really feels likes its flying by. Thank you for everything. 

Elder Park

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