Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 16 - March 3, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Q: How’s your investigators?
A: Investigators are pretty good. Darinel said he wants to get baptized but he is just missing one thing. The problem is even he doesn’t know what it is. He said its light and that’s it. He’s confusing and at times frustrating but i think he will get baptized this month. We also have another investigator who hopefully will be baptized next week. She is the daughter in law of a member who is just starting to come back to church so we are hopeful for her. 
     M: Happy to hear Darinel is back on track, we will add him to our prayers so that he gets the “light” he is looking for soon. How’s his mom doing?
     EP: His mom also has a baptismal date for March 22 I think. Yes I know, hopefully it is soon though haha (Darinel receiving his light). 

Q: How do you overcome weeks that are not so productive?
A: When we have tough weeks or days the only thing we can really do is work, work and work some more. The only way things get better is if we teach, that’s when you feel the best and the time really flies by. 

Q: What is your favorite thing about serving a mission? What have you learned that will help you through out your life?
A: My favorite thing about serving a mission is when you see the changes that people make in their lives. When people really see that this can change their lives and when it does change their lives. I think more than anything I have learned what matters most in life. Most people here have very little, a lot of the members don’t have much but they are really happy. The gospel and family really makes all the difference. I think more than anything I have learned where my priorities in life need to be and why they need to be there. 
     M: What are those priorities?
     EP: I think the most important things are family and the church. A lot of people here in this area, the dads work in the city and are gone for the whole week or leave super early and get home super late. That sucks and I really don’t want that ever. Its different here, I think, because there’s just not a lot of work but its definitely something hard for the families and especially the kids. Being with family and having the gospel are definitely things that should be the most important things in life. 

Q: What can the young ones do now to prepare?
A: To prepare for the mission study the scriptures, both the Book of Mormon and the Bible. If you know the scriptures well you can help people resolve their problems and their doubts easily with both and that will help a lot. 

Q: As always, you good?
A: Yes I’m doing good. Me and my companion were both sick Thursday night to Friday but were good now, all is good. 

Elder Park

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