Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 21 - April 7, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Conference was great and its definitely different seeing all 10 hours but the time really flew by this time. life continues to change and i have been thinking about that a lot the past couple days. i have interviews with president again tomorrow and last time he asked how has my personal conversion been going so i have been thinking about that so if he asks the same thing i have an answer for him. I have been thinking a lot about the priorities thing and how much i have been learning from investigators, members, and every one that i teach. in the beginning i feel i grew a lot from my companions and studying every day and just learning more about the gospel and building my testimony that way. based in the scriptures and all that. but now i feel i am learning more from the people. what really matters. things i have seen that i want in life and things i have seen that i don’t. Other than that I’m doing good. the same old same old. 

Q: How have your lessons been going? Did you get to talk to the boys parents, Mesi?
A: No we didn’t talk to them yet but we have a family home evening with the dad of the two girls we are teaching tonight so hopefully that goes good, he seems pretty cool. we are just gonna do everything we can for them cuz they are the ones most likely to get baptized this month. at times its difficult especially when things just aren’t going how you want them too but that’s life. just gotta keep going keep working and keep getting better every day 

Q: Anything new this week?
A: It’s so hard i don’t remember anything. but today we went to a Chinese food buffet it was alright not the best but they did have ice cream so that was good. it was funny next to the ice cream they have Little tiny bowls but like at home for dessert you cant just have a small bowl so we grabbed the soup bowls and put like 6 scoops of ice cream. i thought they were gonna get mad at us but they didn’t say anything so that was good. 
     M: Well, take notes in your agenda during the week, something to write to mom!!! That way you remember. But with you it's always food or animals, too funny. Is the ice cream the same as here. We just had manager's specials for Gma Kitashima's bday, thought of you!
     EP: that sucks, thanks mom. the ice cream usually isn’t the same its like frozen juice pretty much but its ok. thank you, love you guys, talk to you guys next week. 

Elder Park

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