Monday, March 17, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 18 - March 17, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Q: How did Darinel go, or did he go?
A: Darinel we had a really good and bad lesson with him. We found out a lot about him but not good things haha. It was a really cool lesson because we have been practicing asking questions to find out the needs of our investigators. We started talking to him and asking a bunch of questions and we found out that he doesn’t have a strong testimony because he hasn’t been reading anything in the book of Mormon. He doesn’t know as much as we thought about the church in general and so we have to teach him basically everything. It was really good because we found out he hasn’t been reading but its bad cuz he hasn’t been reading. it was really interesting and I can honestly say we followed the spirit in this lesson to ask exactly what questions we needed to. the gift of discernment and the spirit working with us. so hopefully at the end of the month haha hopefully. 

     M: Well, as far as Darinel, it's good that you found out now. It must have been an incredible experience to have to rely completely on the spirit to ask the right questions. And it seems that you did cause he revealed so much, but keep at it, you have been left in that area for a reason and maybe it is to get to the bottom of Darinel and truly help him to believe. Did his mom get baptized?
     EP: ya it was really cool but its really weird questions just kinda come into your head. like you hear something and a question just pops into your head. no her date is for march 29 so hopefully they can get baptized together. 

Q: So son, transfer time, how goes things?
A: transfers are tomorrow and my companion has changes. its good and bad at the same time. He’s super cool and we got along really well and then he’s leaving but its better than me because at least i don’t have to pack all my stuff. 

     M: Well, i think I remember you saying that he has been in that area for along time and it is probably time for him to move. I am hopeful that your streak of good companions will continue. So do you get a newbie or are you still the junior companion? 
     EP: idk i will find out tomorrow. 

Q: So what do you do for today, clean house and pack up your companion? Do you guys go and see people like Darinel before he leaves? What is transfer days like?
A: we cleaned really good we went to go play soccer with some young men. he packed and we might go see like the bishop them tonight. transfer days suck. we are supposed to clean super good and wait in the house until the zone leaders call with changes but that’s not until like 1 or 2 in the afternoon and so its a super boring day. 

Q: In sacrament the missionaries talked and I told you that one is from the Philippines and he is struggling with the language a little and I see how it might have been for you. And yet, his spirit is so strong and his love of the gospel is so strong that the spirit lets you know exactly what he is trying to say. It was really cool. I haven't asked in a while, but how is the language?
A: haha, i had to give a talk a couple weeks ago i started with aloha and i said i don’t like giving talks in English and now i have to give one in Spanish and everyone laughed but all in all i think it was pretty good. the language is normal already, haha i still have a hard time every now and then but usually no. lessons are easy, its normal talk that’s way harder. 

Pictures from the mission 

Isaac with the puppy someone left at the church

No hot water, no problem, heat the pot with the iron for saimin!

This is what you do when you are bored at night as a missionary. 

 Who needs a gym when you have a pole and cement blocks! 

Elder Park

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