Monday, February 24, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 15 - February 24, 2014

Mexico Pachuca Letter #15– February 24, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Q: Any changes?
A: No changes really but I had the worst and funniest dog story of the mission so far this Tuesday and I think its cuz you said something last week. So Tuesday night like at 915 we were walking back to our house and it was super dark but to get home we have to walk through a field. We were about to start walking but a dog was in the middle of the path so we were worried but if we don’t go through the field we have to walk all the way around like half an hour so we were like ya let’s just go. We started walking and it backed off but was still barking so I was like ok it’s scared were ok. We started in the path and its super narrow so we walk in a line. On our right is a canal and the left is the field. The dog starts like following us and barking and my companion is behind me and every now and then he turns around and yells at it to scare it. One time he turns around and yells but he sees like 20 dogs and he just yells at me CORRELE which means run. I cant see anything and like in 10 feet the path turns and if i don’t turn i go into the canal and if i turn too early i go into the field which is all broken up right now cuz they’re gonna start planting soon. So i just start booking it and i cant see where I’m going and i don’t know where my companion is but i turned to early and just felt the ground get all uneven and i was like oh no but then i just hear my companion yell and he eats it hard. I start bust laughing and turn around to help him and we don’t know where the dogs are but he gets up and we start walking super fast. He was covered in dirt and it was so funny. 
M: What is it with you and these animals?!?!?!?! Too cute!

Q: How’s the work coming?
A: This week was better. We found a lady who has had the book of Mormon for like 10 years or so and she reads it whenever she has problems. She said it gives peace in her life which is awesome. The only problem is her husband we put a baptismal date and she was like “oh I don’t know, I need to talk to my husband.” We also went to visit another family who has two kids who are always sick and at first the dad was just like we will listen but we don’t want to make any promises or have to do anything. We went back and only the wife was home and she just laid everything out on the table. How hard it is for her how she thinks her kids are sick because she did something wrong and how she thinks God is trying to tell her she needs to do something. We told her she can find out what God wants from her in the Book of Mormon and told her to read third Nephi where Jesus blesses all the children. She said she would so hopefully she does but the spirit was definitely there and hopefully they will feel it. There was also a dance this Friday and apparently a bunch of investigators went but we didn’t have a chance to see them yet but hopefully. 

Q: So you are good?
A: Yes I’m good mom Thank you all for sending the boxes and stuff. I will let you guys know but I think I’m good for now. Love you guys and talk to you next week. 

Elder Park

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