Monday, February 17, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 14 - February 17, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

 Q: How are you?
A: I’m doing good. Kind of bored to be honest haha. It’s a little boring when you have no one to teach. We have kind of just been walking around knocking doors visiting different people but nothing really great is happening right now.

M: Well son, the only thing we can say is don't get discouraged. Yes, things may get routine and redundant, but find ways to make it different, go do service for the members and get them excited about doing the work.

Dad's birthday is on Sunday and we are feeding the missionaries that night. Dad says that's perfect timing - you know how we feel. If we are taking care of them, we know someone will be taking care of you.

This week is also Hoolaulea so your grandma is crazy.
EP: Yeah I know, thanks, I’m working on it.

That’s good and yes I am taken care of, the members here are awesome.

Hoolaulea haha I do miss all the food. 

Q: Tell me a story, any story.
EP: Ok well one day we were walking and these dogs were like fighting. Two dogs were like ganging up on the other and it was really sad they were like running around and tackling each other and biting each other. And then the two left and the other dog went from growling and protecting itself to limping and whimpering down the street. It was really sad and scary cuz those two dogs like live right in front of our house and always come and sniff me and my companion when we walk home. But anyways one night we were walking home and it was like 915 and super dark and to get home from where we were we walk through a field with no lights and so I had the cell phone flashlight on but it sucks. Anyways we are walking through the field and I just hear two dogs start barking and like running behind us. I was in the back and so I was like oh crap cuz I remembered what happened to the other dog so I like started walking super fast to get in front of my companion and he was like laughing at me cuz I was like freaking out. Yup that’s my story and also today we went to peter piper pizza which is a all you can eat pizza place you can google it for pictures and stuff. I missed normal food and I ate like 15 slices of pizza.

M: I'm happy that you are finding what sounds like comfort foods. Did the pizza taste the same? I don't know why I think everything is different down there, but I do! So Aunty Summer was here this past weekend, she came for our annual valentine's dinner at the Hawaii Prince, the one we went to after Uncle Shon's wedding. Anyway, she asked if you were gaining or losing weight on your mission, she thinks you look like you are losing some weight, so...
EP: Yeah the pizza at that place was the same but every other pizza I had so far was different but I think I only had pizza two other times haha.

Yeah every one says I am losing weight but I don’t feel like it but my clothes are really big haha so I guess. Hermana Egbert said I am losing weight too.

Valle De Mezquital Zone February 2014

Elder Park finally got all his boxes, one was sent out on November 23, 2013!
Sis. Egbert told him to bring his donkey to carry his mail home!  

Elder Park


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