Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mexico Pachuca - Week 2 - November 25, 2013

(Excerpts from his email)

It’s interesting because this week during study we were talking about how it’s so important to love our investigators and love everyone we meet and a way that we can do that is to think of them as children of God. Not by their appearance or how they come off but that every person here is a child of God and our brothers and sisters and no matter if they shut the door on our face or tell us they don’t want to hear our message we still love them as family.

Q: How’s the food, do you eat okay?
A: Yes I eat well here everyday a family feeds us lunch so i am well fed. The food is good. Almost everyday it’s some kind of soup and then usually chicken and tortillas or rice. Yesterday I had this thing like meat and cabbage with potato salad that was good and reminded me of home. We have to cook breakfast and if we want a snack at night we can because they don’t really have dinner here only a big lunch.

Q: Did you get the Dearelder.com letter?
A: I think dear elder comes in on p days so we will see I’m not too sure though.

Q: What is the name of the place you are serving in, the city district or whatever?
A: I really don’t know where I am haha the ward is called Nuevo Hidalgo.

Q: Is it cold?
A: It’s cold at night but days are usually ok as long as there is sun.

Q: Is it expensive in Mexico?
A: Everything is really cheap here. The food the clothes everything is super cheap.

Q: Do you have a maid?
A: No we don’t have a maid we have to clean every p day with like brooms and a makeshift mop.

Q: How’s your clothes situation, need anything?
A: Clothes are good.

Q: Are you teaching anyone?
A: We only have one progressing investigator family right now and they are doing good but it’s difficult for me right now because I don’t understand most of what they are saying but its getting better. We teach a lot of less actives here because we don’t contact on the street here.

Q: Do you need anything, want anything in particular for Christmas, or shall we just put money in your account, people are asking?
A: I don’t think I need anything right now especially cuz the mail is kind of sketchy so I think money would be best thank you and thank everyone.

Study Tip:
President gave us a way to better our personal study and it’s pretty amazing. In the book of Mormon first Nephi it says every scripture in the book of Mormon is there for a reason and has importance to the children of men. So he said take a scripture and do five things.
1. Ask what. What is the background significance message etc.
2. Then ask why. Why is it written this way, with those words, the deeper message?
3. Then use the references and find a deeper meaning.
4. Fourth think about the savior. Every scripture can relate to Jesus Christ.
5. And last how can I apply it in my life.

It’s crazy how much more I learn doing this. I spend the whole hour doing one scripture. 

Elder Park
Pachuca MX Zone Conference 
Pictures from mexicopachucaldsmission.blogspot.mx


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