Monday, November 18, 2013

Mexico Pachuca - Week 1 - November 18, 2013

Hola familia~ 

Mexico has been crazy this week. I learned so much and i just barely got here. I thought my Spanish was pretty good leaving the mtc but i got here and realized its horrible haha. I barely understand any thing and it’s even a challenge talking to my companion because he’s from Columbia and doesn’t speak much English, but every day i get better and understand a little more. The people are all so nice even though they may think I’m slightly retarded because a lot of the time i just smile and say si and if they look at me funny i know it wasn´t a yes or no question. But even though the language is hard, it´s been a good week. I went to my first baptism and so many things went wrong. The last elders left the water in the font so it was green when they checked it so they drained it and put in a toilet cleaner. That turned the water blue and when they tried to mix it around the elders hand turned blue. They were scared that the clothes and the people were gonna turn blue also. It was funny but nothing happened and the baptism was great. The lady’s face after she was baptized was indescribable. She was so happy and was smiling from ear to ear all night. It was amazing to see. Mexico has been good. The food is different but good and we eat with members every day so that’s nice. Here they only eat two meals, breakfast and lunch at like 3 so it’s different but I’m good and satisfied all day. I hope all is well with everyone at home. I saw some pictures from the wedding and it looked great and i wish i could be there but i know i am where the Lord wants me. 

Elder Park

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