Monday, June 22, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 84 - June 22, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

wow that sounds cool. let me know about the training thing. the sacrament is something we have been talking about a lot too here. President actually taught us something about it a couple weeks ago but i will talk to you guys more about that later. the big news right now is there aren’t changes. me and my companion are gonna be here another 6 weeks. thank you for the letter. i think its kinda what i needed. There’s never time to rest in the vineyard of the Lord. Wasn’t planning on it but always good to hear it again. 

M: So I am guessing you are happy that there are no changes? Is it a good thing, it seems you are starting to move things along in this area, any more prospects? 

ya i'm pretty happy. things are starting to move along and the ward is starting to help us out a lot more. I’m excited hopefully things get better and better 

M: So, a story for me?

EP: I don’t know it was a pretty normal week. nothing super crazy. i think one of the really cool things was we found a super cool investigator. her name is Lizbet. her husband well almost husband haha is a member but has been inactive for like 17 years. we talked to them and she was like awesome. her husbands family gave her a book of Mormon and she’s been reading it and she was like i feel really good when i read it. i just feel closer to God and just happy. she accepted everything super fast and they came to church this Sunday so that was awesome. everything should go great and fast with her as long as they can get married without problems.

M: So how did you find her? It seems marriage is an issue in Mexico, is it because it cost too much money?

EP: she came to church once and we thought she was a member then after they told us no she’s not a member and then we were like looking for her for like 2 weeks and we finally found her. ya um in part and i think its just like normal now to just live together without getting married. like everyone here just like gets together and ya. its weird.

M: Like you said, it's the times. I think that is a big reason for the emphasis on the reverence and the importance of the sacrament. Things in the world are changing and we need to be reminded about what the standards are and what is expected of us regardless of what the world says. Marriage is one of those things.  Very cool, I hope that things will work out for them and you.  How is your zone doing? I know things were starting to get better.

EP: things are going ok. i think we have gotten a lot better in a bunch of things but it was a pretty down month in baptisms. we only had 4 in the whole zone. this weekend is stake conference so we aren’t gonna have any more this month so that kinda sucks but its ok. thank you for everything. i love you guys. have a great week i gotta go.

Elder Park

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