Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 81 - June 2, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)
hey mom and dad, yesterday we had a conference with elder Arnold. He’s in the first quorum of the 70 and it was crazy. we had a little interview and it was like one of the craziest 3 minutes of my life haha. it was like he was looking at my soul it was weird. love you guys

Elder and Sister Arnold (Third and Fourth from the Left)
and Mexico’s Mission Presidents. President and Hermana Egbert on the End

This week, there was just a lot of little things, the Lord works in mysterious ways. like we had a lesson far away and we went in a taxi. we didn’t think the person was gonna be there cause he didn’t answer his phone but we went any way to just see. so we go in the taxi and start talking to the taxi driver and his wife, they were super cool and had a bunch of great questions. we basically explained the restoration quickly and invited them to church. they didn’t come and said they are busy and usually aren’t home but we were able to share a message with them and one of them even said a prayer when we got to where we were going. the appointment fell through cause he wasn’t home but we were able to do something cool. that was a pretty cool experience and we had a couple others just like that. things just seemed to work out or things fall through but other things came up. 

M: Those are the little miracles that follow obedience and listening to the spirit.  What ever happened to the less active family and the boys?

they went to church again and are awesome. they will be getting baptized this month most likely.
M: Great news on the family. Will you be there for the baptisms or do you have changes soon?  Are there any other investigators? 

EP: nah changes are like in 3 weeks so i will be here and i don’t think me or my companion will have changes this cycle. we found some new ones but they didn’t go to church so we are still working on that 

M: That's good for you, that you will be there for this family. I am glad that things are working better and that you all might have some time to really get this area going.  I feel a very different spirit from you, you seem happy and okay with your situation, though it is pretty much the same situation as a few weeks ago.  That's great.

EP: ya my companion helped me a lot with that. He is just happy and excited all the time and that has helped me a lot to just be more positive.  gotta go, thank you guys so much for everything. love you guys

Elder Park

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