Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mexico Pachuca - Week 82 - June 8, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

ok well this week was pretty normal i don’t think anything crazy happened. but if all goes well we will have 2 baptisms this weekend. 2 niños magicos. haha magic children. they are the kids that are 9 years or older that haven’t been baptized but their parents or family are members. were hoping everything goes good. the activity was pretty sick i will try to send some pictures we played a bunch of different games. it was like an obstacle course? like a bunch of different games and we tried to see which district could do it the fastest. it was super cool. they said they liked it and it was something different so it was cool. 

M: Why do you call them magic children, just because they are members kids? So what kind of games did you play?  Who won? 

ya cause they are members kids who haven’t been baptized so it counts as a baptism for us but they are usually a little easier to baptize. cause when they are 8 its the wards job and the baptism counts for the ward but once they turn 9 they become ¨investigators.

 we played like 3 legged race. spin in circles and run. run with a balloon in between your legs and sit on it and pop it. stuff like that it was cool. and then of course we played soccer haha.


M: and what is the purpose of the games? Bonding? Just to have fun? What did you eat?  Do you guys also do a spiritual message?

EP: ya bonding having fun everything. we ate pizza. we had a spiritual message to start and we had like scripture games. like they had to put all the books in the book of Mormon and the bible in order. also the apostles and all the prophets since joseph smith. 

M: That's cool.  I am glad that you are finding success as a leader. So I need a story for the blog please. 

EP: ok i kinda do. so we got an investigator and her name is zoe. She’s 12 and maybe she’s gonna get baptized this Friday but anyways. she finally went to church like the whole 3 hours. she got up early she got ready and went to church with her grandparents. it was super cool and after we talked to her and she was just super happy and excited about church and baptism and everything. she even said she was gonna wake up early every Sunday to come to church the change was huge and super cool. we went to see her today and she said she loved it and she’s excited for her baptism. she just is really different happier and she just has like a glow in her. It’s something i have noticed recently the gospel makes us so happy and you can literally see it. you can see a change in peoples faces when the gospel touches their hearts they literally have like a glow in them like it says in the scriptures its super cool.

M: What was she like before?

Yes, I think that is the biggest thing we learned in this conference, but it is something that we have been noticing for a while now, the gospel makes you happy.  If you live the gospel, open your heart to it and all that it has to offer, you find that you are happier.  Families are happier, homes are better, you tend to love more freely.  Yes, the gospel can do that for you. I am glad that you are seeing it first hand, because I have seen the reverse where the lack of the gospel can cause disharmony and yuck.

EP: she just was kinda like whatever. like a normal teenager haha like ya whatever i don’t know if i can go to church its early and i don’t know and stuff like that. ya i have definitely seen that  a lot in the mission and you remember everything at home and your like i never really noticed it but ya.  but i gotta go i will talk to you guys next week. love you guys have a great week 

Elder Park

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