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Mexico Pachuca - Week 83 - June 15, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

hey well this week was super crazy for us too. Monday we had the activity. Tuesday we had the leadership council. Wednesday the zone training. Thursday 2 baptismal interviews. Friday a baptism and Saturday a baptism. Sunday 2 confirmations haha. it was a super crazy full week but it was great. time is flying by the cycle is already like done and it feels like it just started. i only have like 3 months left and its crazy to think. I will be on later and get a story mom but i like what you said about affecting people positively. haha there’s a Bob Marley quote i am gonna put on my agenda this cycle it says, “the greatness of a man is not measured in how much wealth he acquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” we always affect those around us and it can be for good or for bad so we just need to make sure more often than not its for good. but i will talk to you guys later today. love you guys thank you so much for everything. 

ok well i think the story for the week is that it was super full haha and just crazy. we had our zone training on Wednesday and president came so that was a little weird. i was pretty nervous but after he said it was a really good training and we did it really good so that was cool. and then we had so many problems with the baptisms. we didn’t have water in the chapel since Thursday so we were kinda freaking out. we get there Friday and there was water so we were like ok cool. everythings good. but the water ran out so the water only got to the girls knees. so the baptism was a little more difficult. the brother that baptized her had to do like a super squat to get her under haha but everything was good. then we had to leave the water overnight just in case there wasn’t water Saturday and suprise!!! there wasn’t water. so finally like an hour before the baptism we had water and started filling up the font a little more but it wasn’t enough time to warm up the water so it was super cold haha. it was a lot of stress a lot of dude what are we gonna do but in the end everything worked out and the two people that got baptized zoe and toño were super happy after and their families too. that was the best part they were just super happy. then Sunday me and my companion spoke but before us another hermano spoke and he destroyed everyone. haha he spoke about the Utchdorf talk about sleeping through the restoration and let everyone have it. he was like are you sleeping through the restoration? i think so because you’re not doing anything right now. and if you say everything is ok that’s the devil talking. everything is not ok in Zion. and if things are going good in the church its cause its the Lords church and its not thanks to you. it was brutal. my companion was like all that he didn’t do was get off the stage and slap like everyone in the front row cause he spoke with fire. but it was a good week after all is said and done. 
M: Wow, you gatta love the fire and brimstone speakers.  I hope you and your companion were able to bring the spirit back.  Well son, crazy we know how to do. it's crazy now here. I love that your families and baptisms were just happy.  That tells you that it is the right thing.  I know that when you feel the spirit and choose the right there is always happiness and peace. Happy for you.

ya it was a good week and definitely something i needed in this area haha.

D: Can you explain more about your zone training?  What did you guys do?

EP: um every month we have a zone training. That’s why we have leadership council. we go to presidents house and the assistants like give us the training and then the next day we have to give the training to all the missionaries in our zone. so every month its like a little conference. so like this month we talked about teaching more effectively and doing all the things that elder Arnold taught us in the zone conferences. but i gotta go. love you guys. have a great week. talk to you guys next Monday. 

Love, Elder Park

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