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Mexico Pachuca - Week 33 - June 30, 2014

(excerpts from his email)

This week was awesome. We had two great baptisms and the changes that I could see in their lives are amazing. One of our investigators that got baptized is Jorge. He has changed so much it is awesome. His wife has been a member for a while and he was never interested and never wanted to listen to the missionaries until about 2 months ago. Since then he hasn't missed a Sunday and has been awesome. We were talking to his wife this week and she was like "wow I cant believe how my husband has changed completely." She was telling us how he tells her to get up in the afternoons so they can read the Book of Mormon, how he wakes her up Sunday mornings to get to church on time, he washes the dishes, and just is a completely different man. I was like wow that is awesome Hermana. She was super happy and bore an amazing testimony in the baptism. The icing on the cake was he got to church early Sunday morning in a suit and tie ready to be confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a great experience and a great thing to be a part of.

M: Wow, son, what an amazing story and a confirmation that the gospel can bring changes and happiness to families.  I am excited for him and for you and hope that the change is a permanent one.  I hope that the young lady finds just as much joy and peace in her baptism and that she will find comfort in the gospel.  Sounds like you are doing work and it sounds like the Lord has prepared the way for you to be a part of the lives of your two new converts.  Happy for you all.
What else is going on with you?
Don’t forget to recognize the changes in your life as you grow in the gospel. They may not be as quick (two months) but they are there. Try to think about that this week in your study. That’s why it’s a blessing for me to do these talks. Whether as a high council or yesterday. I get to reflect on these topics. How I have grown from thinking things were coincidences to how I know they are blessings from heavenly father.

EP: Nothing much pretty normal. gotta find more people to teach now. 

yes i am definitely thinking about that more now too, how coincidences aren't really coincidences. how a lot of times things just work out and its really an answer to a prayer.

D: Maybe I was a little slow, hesitant learner. I went through a few sets of missionary lessons. But it probably all paid off in the end. And I know now all the blessings that are there for us as a family.

EP: haha i think about that all the time. what the missionaries must have said after they left the house now that Iʻm a missionary and have left a bunch of houses over and over again! haha thinking nothings really happening but it is. 

M:  I just wanted you to know that we love you and that we are proud of you.  Continue to do the work and know that every time you say something to someone you plant a seed and who knows when that seed will grow. 

EP:  love you guys

Elder Park

Pictures from the Mission:

Pachuca Centro Zone

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