Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 34 - July 7, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

 D: Are your soccer skills getting better?

EP: my soccer skills are amazing now haha. Just kidding but I’m not that bad i know what I’m doing and can kick the ball. Some others are horrible. 

 M: Is it still cold in Mexico? In all the pictures on the mission blog you are usually wearing a sweater and your companion is always wearing a jacket.

Any new investigators?

 EP: yea its super cold haha.

 Um this week Nicole and her daughters came to church and Karla and her daughter. They both have baptismal dates for July 19 so we will see what happens. They are both awesome and hopefully they get baptized the 19th because that’s probably gonna be my last week here. 

 M: How come it's cold? Is it the rain? It is incredibly hot here and I hear Vegas is even worst!

 EP: i don’t know but its like super cold. i always leave with a sweater and i think I’m gonna buy more cause its cold haha. When it rains its worse but i think it’s just the altitude and the wind. 

 M: You sound good son, in a good place.

 EP: Ya I’m good things are going good right now. And were gonna go play soccer soon which is exciting haha. 

M: You sound good, you look happy in all the pictures we see, the true happy smile that we love to see. If you ever have a chance to look at the smiles in the Provo temple pictures and then look at the smiles now, there is true happiness coming through and let me tell you that warms my heart. I also can tell when things are not as good and I tell myself like I tell you it's for your growth and learning.

So why is soccer so exciting? I know after that first season you played a long time ago, you never wanted to paly again. Who are you playing with?

EP: Ya I really am happy here. its not easy but its something that really does make you happy. Were playing with the zone but I gotta go talk to you guys in a week. love you 

Elder Park

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