Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 11 - January 27, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Q: How’s Darinel coming along?
A: Darinel is ok. He didn’t get baptized and he said he feels good in church but also at a different church but we will see. We are going to focus on him and try and teach the restoration and the great apostasy really well. Darniel talks a lot about his church before, my companion thinks his real problem is with his family. So we will see. 

Q: Dad wants to know how the utilities are in your area? Lights? Phones? Computers?
A: Our electricity sucks if we plug in anything it shuts off so that’s hard but our boiler worked this morning. It hasn’t been working because it’s been so cold in the mornings that the gas doesn’t flow from the tank to the boiler. 

Q: Is it almost transfer time?
A: Transfers are next week it’s a weird time everyone is just thinking about changes and who’s gonna change and what not. I want to stay here. The area is really small and there are not a lot of people. It’s a little hard (the work) and we don’t have a lot of investigators but I really like the area and the people here. 
     MOM: It seems that you have had wonderful companions and areas these first two times around, I am happy for you and grateful to the Lord for that.
     EP: Ya everyone has like these stories about terrible companions that don’t do anything but mines have been good so far. 

Q: Anything interesting happen this week?
A: This week has been interesting. Again were going into a month with no real progressing investigators and me and my companion were talking about needing to find more investigators and two people approached us. We were walking down the road and a family was herding their sheep and two ladies came up to us and asked if we were Jehovah’s witnesses and we said no and explained who we were and we taught them a couple times this week. They accepted a date to be baptized in February so we are working with them and so far it’s going ok but they didn’t come to church this week. Then later in the week we were talking and walking and a boy came running up to us and was like hey do you guys read the bible and we were like ya why. And he said he wants to prepare for his communion but doesn’t know how in the bible so we set up an appointment to visit him. We asked if his parents were catholic and he was like i don’t know. So we are going to see what happens with him. 

     Mom: So this young man, do you need to get permission from his parents to teach him?
     EP: Yeah, so we are going to try to teach all of them if at all possible

That’s me and my hermanito (brother) Isaac and his mom. 

This is my agenda, if you guys have quotes or scriptures or pictures you want to share, send them to me and I can put them in this. I use a new agenda every six weeks.

Q: So did you think of something that impresses you about Mexico, maybe something about the people, or something that is different that you really like?
A: Haha I really like the junk food here. For some reason the chips and cookies are really good and on like every street there’s little stores that sell chips and candy and soda and so I eat a lot of that. And in the bags of chips and stuff are little things called tazos and they are really cool I will send some pictures. 

The tazos are the little circle things with like cartoon characters on them. 

Q: Anna was looking at the pictures you sent and she said “Aunty Kela he is smiling! He looks so happy!” Are you really, truly happy out there?
A: I am happy. It’s a different experience but it’s been a great one. I love you all tell them I say hi and I love you guys. 

Elder Park

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