Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 10 - January 20, 2014

(Excerpts from his email)

Q: How’s your home, clean? Sister Egbert seems to be very particular about that, you pass inspection? (On the Mexico Pachuca Mission blog Sis. Egbert has pictures of the homes of the missionaries: mexicopachucaldsmission.blogspot.mx)
A: They didn’t check our house because they were late and we called them to ask if they were coming because we had to go far from our house for a lesson and I guess they thought we were gonna be gone so they didn’t come but our house is clean. 

Q: What happened with Enriquetta?
A: Enriquetta nothing changed and I think we are stopping visiting her because she just doesn’t have the desire right now but we have another possible for this week so were going to work really hard with him and I hope he gets the answer he needs. 

     Mom: Who is your new investigator?
     EP: Our new investigator’s name is Darinel. He’s family of the bishop (well like everyone in the ward is family, literally everyone) but his wife is a member and he’s not but he comes to church all the time and stuff. He really likes the church and says he got answers about it but wants one more specific but we will see what happens. The bishops family is awesome and he has a 2 year old son who’s name is Isaac and he has Asian eyes, so they all say he’s my brother and stuff its funny but he’s really cool. 

 Elder Park’s Mexican brother! 

Mom: I would love to meet the people you serve, one day. I appreciate that they take care of you and that you have found a brother there already!
EP: Haha yeah, it’s really funny they ask him “donde esta su hermanito Park?” and he points to me. Its funny and we make faces at each other and play when were at the house. 

     Mom: What did you say, or what does the family say? Can't speak any Spanish!
     EP: The family asks him “where is your brother Park?” 

Mom: I was talking to Aunty Lenora on Sunday, she asked how you were and I told her you were good. She shared a story about her youngest son going on his mission. She said that when he got his call to Alabama, he and they were a little disappointed and she worried about him. When he landed in Alabama he was able to email her right away and he told her that as his plane circled Alabama, as soon as he was over the state, he got an overwhelming feeling that he was home and that he was meant to be there and that he was good. So he emailed her to tell her not to worry, he was home. I thought that was amazing, comfort for her and him. I always tell you that I am at total peace about where you are, but I have never asked how you feel, so I am asking, how are you with Mexico?
EP: I also feel strangely at home here. A lot of times I’m walking and it hits me like whoa I’m in Mexico right now. It’s really a strange feeling. I feel at home except no one speaks English haha! I understand what he means, its something different and hard to explain, I don’t feel far from home. It’s different because my family and friends and food and everything is there but I feel like I’m with family and friends here too. Nothing will ever replace home, Hawaii home, but for now this is home and I feel more comfortable than I ever thought possible. 

Q: What’s one thing that impresses you about Mexico and why?
A: One thing that impresses me about Mexico is… haha I’m not sure I need to think about it! 

Elder Park

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