Monday, January 6, 2014

Mexico Pachuca - Week 8 - January 6, 2014

Excerpts from his email:

Q: What is New Years like in Mexico? Same, different?
A: New Years in Mexico is the same: family, food and fireworks. One weird thing they do is like make fake people like scarecrows but they fill them with fireworks and blow them up at midnight. Its funny there is all these scarecrow things sitting in chairs in front of everyones house on New Yearʻs Eve.

Q: How is Enriquetta doing?
A: Enriquetta is good she has a baptism date set for January 18 but she said only if she gets the answer before then, so we have a lot of work, but we are going to do it. 

Q: Can you send home a recipe for mole, people are asking, what is mole?

A: I am going to try and get a recipe for mole, I will try and find a good one. Elder Barber in my last district described mole as getting your whole spice rack and dumping it in a pot with some meat. Thatʻs pretty much what it is a bunch of chilis and stuff and chocolate and you usually eat it with chicken and tortillas.

We went to the pyramids today, it was really cool but really far and we went in like 3 different buses. It took like 3 hours to get there thats why I am so late (to email). But it was really cool and I bought a bunch of stuff. I bought a blanket, a jaguar head whistle thing and a bird whistle. I will try send pictures when I get the box.

Pyramid pictures from the internet

Elder Parkʻs District

Elder Park

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