Monday, December 16, 2013

Mexico Pachuca - Week 5 - December 16, 2013

Excerpts from his email:

Q: What do you do on P-days?
A: On p days we clean house, get our clothes from the laundry place, buy food, have normal studies and then do other things, depending.  Sometimes we play soccer or last week we had a pizza party thing with the zone, usually some kind of activity and then we work starting at 6.

Q: I saw on the blog (Mexico Pachuca mission blog) that Tuesday is transfer day, do you know if you are transferring?
A: We found out today that me and my companion are not transferring which is good because Miguel and Belen have their baptism this Saturday so we are going to be here for that.

Q: How is Belen, is she ready, are you excited, are they?
A: Belen is ready, they are getting baptized this Saturday and right now everything is good.

Q: Any favorite foods yet, tried anything new?
A: I think my favorite food is pasties.  Its like a turnover kind of thing but usually thereʻs meat and cheese in it and it is really good.  The tacos on the street are really good.  Everyone says pastor is the best which is shepherd. Itʻs okay, it was good but not amazing.

Q: How have your studies been going, anything new you want to share?
A: Studies have been going good, starting to get a little repetitive but good.

Q: What is Christmas time like in Mexico, the same, different?
A: Christmas is the same here, a lot of nativities and Christmas trees and lights and what not.  Its pretty normal, Haha even the people look like people at home. Its weird the people here all look different like home and some people look really similar to people back home.

Q: How are things with your companion, the language?
A: Things are good. Communication is still a little difficult at times but good.  We also have splits every week so I think that helps.  Not with the same person every single day, haha.

Oh I have a story. So this week me and my district leader were on a split and we visited a less active family but only the kids were home so we talked with them.  We did some activities and shared a short message and it was really good.  They asked if we wanted to stay and eat, so we did and we kept talking and what not.  We were talking about school and I said that I was studying Marine Biology before my mission.  The boy, probably like Tyʻs age, he was like oh wow thatʻs cool.  Marine Biology is really interesting and blah blah blah and then he was like y me gusta Harry Potter. I was like oh no did I say something wrong how did he get to Harry Potter from Marine Biology.  But Elder Macias (my district leader) started laughing and was like what are you talking about what does Harry Potter have to do with anything and the boy was just like I donʻt know I just like it.  Then everyone started laughing and I was like phew at least I didnʻt mess up and say something weird! The rest of the night Elder Macias was just laughing about that.  

Tell everyone thank you for the love and support.  Sorry I canʻt send pictures, Iʻm working on it.

Q: So I guess the kids down there like the same things, just a little behind?
A: YA the kids like the same things but the movies and music and stuff are a little behind.  Right now Despicable Me 2 is really big but its called "Mi Villano Favorita 2".  Thereʻs a little movie store by our house that we walk by all the time and the movies titles are so funny.  A lot of things donʻt translate well I guess so they change the titles and usually they are very straightforward about the movie.  Like Despicable Me is My Favorite Villain.

Q: What else is big down there? I hear they have a pretty good soccer team.
A: I have no idea. I know soccer is big because the kids all play but Iʻm not sure about the team or anything.  Food and music is big, haha. Whenever we eat with members or talk with members they ask about the food in Hawaii and the music.  Its hard because I donʻt know words to describe the food or even what the food is called in Spanish so i always say a lot of rice and fish because thatʻs what I know how to say, haha.

Elder Park

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