Monday, December 9, 2013

Mexico Pachuca - Week 4 - December 9, 2013

(Excerpts from his email)

Q: What is a typical day like for you?

A: Normal day is wake up at 630 and exercise till 7. Shower and eat and then personal study at 8. Companion study 9 and language study at 11. 12 starts our work day and from then on we are out and about. Lunch is at 2 or 3 and then we return home at like 9 to plan for the next day and then 1030 is lights out. The afternoons are kind of hard because almost everyone is working so we usually don’t have planned lessons until like 5ish.

Q: Any update on the couple you are teaching?

A: the couple is amazing. We had to push back their baptismal date to December 28 but they are doing great. The husband continues to be strong and his testimony and desire to learn more is amazing. The wife Belen finally turned the corner and when we were teaching the plan of salvation and the atonement she opened up and talked to us about her relationship with her father that she wishes was better and he passed away so she has regrets. This past lesson we finished plan of salvation and asked about their baptismal dates and she said she was nervous but now she feels tranquilo. It was great i think she is really ready and really accepts what we teach.

Q: Have you been able to see the city on your p-days? Ruins? Do you have pictures?
A: No my area is Pachuca and the tower that you see on Google when you search Pachuca is in my area. That's pretty much the only place I have been I will try to send pictures but last time it didn’t work.

The Tower when you Google Pachuca
Q: Do you need anything?
A: Send those stickers you can put on the verses if you can find them i think it will help me understand and investigators have a visual because that’s what i learned. Visuals and little activities help them a lot and they remember it. And last just pictures of home. Family, basketball, the beach, my friends. My zone leader said it helps a lot for people to see that we are normal people haha.

Q: Are you good?
A: I’m good learning a lot haha. Me and my companion were studying plan of salvation and D & C 76 and I learned that if people hear the gospel in this life but don’t accept it even if they accept it in the spirit world they probably won’t go to the celestial kingdom. Ultimately Heavenly Father makes the call but that’s what it says in the scriptures and I didn’t know that. It really opened my eyes to the importance of trying and trying and trying to bring people to the gospel because in the words of my companion once we start talking about it we are condemning them or saving them. Its a scary thought but it just made us think and work that much harder every day.

Elder Park

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