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Mexico Pachuca - Week 88 - July 20, 2015

(Excerpts from his email)

hey sounds like a pretty chill week then. i think here it was a little crazier haha. Unfortunately we had a sister go home in the ward so now my companion and i have the whole ward to ourselves. Before there were 4 of us in the ward so it was divided in 2 parts. now me and my companion have to visit everyone in our part and also the sisters part. it was a little crazy but it was cool. interviews were this week and so that was interesting as always it was a good day.

ok story time um. well Liz is doing pretty good she’s amazing. She was working on Sundays like one Sunday she worked and one Sunday no so that was kinda hard but she got super sick and so couldn’t work a couple days and lost her job. its hard for them cause they don’t have a lot of money but Humberto her future husband was like ya God was telling you not to work on Sundays haha. so she was sick and not eating and just really bad but we gave her a blessing and she felt a lot better. it was just another testimony about priesthood power and i don’t know just a cool experience. they still gotta get married and that’s the only thing stopping her from moving forward but they are doing good

M: Sometimes the Lord does that, gives us trials to see how we will handle them.  The husband took it well and hopefully they will get married and the blessings will come that will include a job for her.

Who else are you teaching? 

EP: we are teaching Paola. she should be getting baptized on July 29. we are still trying to see what we can do with the Ochoa kids. and we keep looking for new people to teach but they haven’t gone to church yet so we are waiting for that. that’s like the big thing haha getting to church that first time

M: It seems that once they come to church, they really enjoy it and keep coming.  We continue to pray for the boys and all your investigators.

So who is Paola? What is her story?

EP: Paola is the one who was gonna get baptized on mothers day but her baptism fell through.  It’s been a frustrating experience for me but i mean she’s gonna get baptized and i guess that’s good. haha 

M: Not sure I remember this one, is this the one that you met after you prayed and she had you wait in her house till she was ready?

Why the frustration?

EP: Just cause there’s a lot she doesn’t understand yet. She has been assisting for a long time. like a year already and she’s just been really stubborn. Her mom is a member for her whole life but she was inactive for a long time. She has this idea that her baptism has to be on a special day. so she was gonna get baptized on mothers day. it couldn’t happen so she got a little upset and then now she finally says she’s gonna get baptized but it has to be July 29th cause its her grandpas birthday. she told us she doesn’t want us to keep teaching her just come over to her house and talk and eat cause she knows all she has to know. and its like she knows a lot she knows all she has to know to get baptized but she doesn’t understand the gospel cause if she did she would get baptized as soon as possible but its a weird case. 

M: Yes, that is very interesting. I think you are right, she really doesn't understand all that the gospel has to offer cause she would not want to prolong the baptism, but sometimes people take longer than others and there is probably a reason.  We may never know what that reason is, but you continue to work with her, go over and slide a lesson in as you eat and talk story and let the spirit do it's part. Hang in there, just like the boys, when the time is right it will happen and they will be better prepared for it.

EP: i gotta go but i will talk to you guys next week love you.

Elder Park

Pictures from the Mission Blog

Thursday- 17 July 2015
Interviews/ House Checks
Pachuca Mex Zone

"Uhmmm, good thing we have the job of quality check testing the sugar cookies before our Zone shows up for interviews. We would hate to have them not to be up to standard!"

"Wow! These interview days are LONG ones...."
(Just a one minute power nap)

Zone Leaders... showing us how it's done!
Tecnologico I  Area- Elder Park and Elder Rubio


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